Microsoft Access what are records and fields?

Hello, I was recently trying to work around the new hip Microsoft Access Program. Although, I understand how everything works, I need some clarification on the definition of records and fields.

Please correct me if i'm wrong

Records: Records are the areas in which you enter data about a specific thing. For example, if you had customer David Reyh, you would place all his information (Age, ID, Last name, First name, reasons etc.) along the row.

Fields: Fields are similar to columns in Excel. The fields all have column headings with specific names such as Age, ID, Name, Etc. They're filled with all of the information from the specific things such as customers, employees, teachers, students etc.

For example, in this photo, costumer name is a field and something like "Alpine Ski House" is a record.

Please tell me if I am correct or false in my assumptions

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  • 7 years ago
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    Age, ID, Last Name, First Name...whatever you have in your table, all of this information would make up a record. So in this case, let's say the person is John Doe, who is 30yrs old, and his ID number is 25. All of this information makes up a record.

    Age, ID, Last Name, First Name, each of these is called a field.

  • 7 years ago

    In it's simplest form, in Access:

    Each TAB (Customers)is a database (aka TABLE), Each ROW is a Record, made up of fields, and Each Column should be an individual field.

    And more TABS mean more Tables that are relational, and records likely contain Primary Keys, etc. to link Tables, and fields must be unique, meaning FullName is not a field, but FirstName and LastName are fields because as secondary keys, they are unique.

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