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Is it o.k. to inform a date that you will only pay for her meal if she puts out?

Why should I pay for everything for just, at most, a peck on the cheek?


Thomas T, why I oughta...

Update 2:

Renee, how come women want equality until it's time to pay the bill?

Update 3:

Well, thank goodness I usually get what I want. It's like, if they got the curves, I got the angles...

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    yes its ok ---- of course i dont see you getting many dates but at least you are honest

  • 7 years ago

    You pay for her meal because it's the gentleman thing to do. Not because you get something in return. Telling your date that you will only pay for her meal if she puts out is like saying to a kid who doesn't like math: Here you can have this candy, but only if you can solve 100 math problems first. It's not right

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    If u could get any lower as a person, u would have to look up at a ant. What u mean I don't get the 10 points??

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    That's awful. How would you feel if she told you "il pay for the meal If you fix my car." It's like selling a service. She's not a hooker. You should respect her.

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  • 7 years ago

    Nope, its not okay.

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    becouse you are jentlaman :)

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