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Breathing difficult on LSD?

Everytime I dropped acid I felt like breathing was difficult like no matter how much I was breathing I never felt like I had enough hair, so I had to take deep breaths, is this normal should this be something to be concerned about what's happening

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    An LSD experience is emotionally/sensually strenuous. One may feel a very heightened sense of euphoria, taste, visual perception, fear, paranoia, etc. It depends on the user however-not the drug. You may have just been freaking yourself out thinking you could not breathe very well, but when seen by a sober bystander, I'm sure you were taking normal, but very large breaths.

    If you took LSD an a capsule/pill however, there is a higher chance that the drug could have been something else-a drug that may repress breathing (I don't know of any kind). This proposition seems more unlikely though.

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