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How do you know if a girl that likes you wants your attention?

What are the signs to look out for? There is this girl and she's been acting a little strange around me lately.

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    A girl that likes you, will want your attention, regardless.

    She'll probably talk really loud; like laughing at something the other person didn't even think was that funny.

    She'll probably dress cute; not in sweat pants and a sweat shirt. But maybe a tight, black shirt with some hot jeans.

    She'll try to get close to you without it being super obvious; probably the biggest sign she likes you, is she'll be trying to talk to you, or will 'cautiously' follow you around.

    Girls don't like to be around creepy, nasty guys; they want to be around hot, built guys who have good smiles, and sweet eyes.

    If this girl is constantly watching you, and bumping into you, and laughing with you, and smiling with you, safe to say she wants you bad.

    So, then, the ball would be in your court.

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    I sort of agree with 'Duck in the woods' it indeed a little harsh how this works and that there is no any empancipation in this at all. I think that is what still makes men and women, friends and foe at the same time. But if you're in a good relationship with someone, you are willing to listen to that person every time. If you're getting irritated by it, then say it. Talk it through. But never tell or let someone know she or he is a whiner! That's is just disrespecting someone's feelings/insecurities, it's rude.

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