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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 7 years ago

would you find it the equalent to murder to take away all reasons for a person to live? standing in community 2. constantly being harassed or physical harm to them (same reason why no standing in community) ability to earn a living and be able to support themselves relationships real family relationships or friends where to run that's even semi private 7 no legal relief 8 little money not even enough for basics 9.without help it will never change cant get the right help because of the circumstances10. no money to buy transportation or do anything healthy future 12. living with a truth that most don't know 13. no matter what you do how you act nothing will ever change escape cannot do what the rest of the world dose because the punishment and the filth inside is far worse then anything 16 .all I can do is run and fight for my own life from disgusting animals of our society till the day I die sleep and if someone gives me money eat think suffer 17. how long so far I lasted years because when you did it all and nothing works its over 18. I pray to god every night please have mercy upon me and don't allow me to take another breath 19.i have years of this to look forward too 20. never any benefits for my suffering including it helping anything but destruction of life so if one day my heart stops beating can those who did IT be charged with murder at least guilty in the eyes of my heavenly father and spend there days in eternal torment the way I spent most of my life here on earth

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