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Do you think that it is OK for owners?

of MLB teams to give ridiculous long term contracts to players with little then above average skills just because they have a pretty boy face and will excite the lady fans all summer like New York did with Jacoby Ellsbury when they already had Bret Gardner to play centerfield who is just as good as Mr. Pretty boy Ellsbury. I think that it is a no good, doggone,low down, dirty rotton shame. Just so all those millions of women fans in the big apple can get hot while watching the Yankees play every night next year. There is no other rhyme or reason why they gave that dude almost the same money that they could have given Robinson Cano.

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    Ellsbury is actually not that attractive, though he will be now to a lot of ladies since he signed that big contract. But the contract also shows how stupid and two-faced Brian Cashman is because all he's done the past couple of years is whine about the size of the Steinwienies payroll, yet here is is overpaying players to join his team.

    McCann and Ellsbury aren't worth the money they've been given and in a couple of years the fans will be whining about them the way they whine about A-Fraud now. Cashman is, without a doubt, the laziest and most ignorant GM in the game today. He has no clue on how to evaluate talent.

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    Okay, first off, I don't think Jacoby is that good looking. He is alright. Secondly, the contract was a bit extreme, but it is a far better use of money then Cano, who thinks any team will be willing to give him the ludicrous he is asking for. Lastly, Cano is asking for A LOT more. Why is it wrong for a team to get two quality outfielders, especially when last year's outfielders were a batch of scrubs? The Yanks have one of the best outfields in the Major Leagues because of the Ellsbury signing. There is a reason Cano has only gotten one solid offer that probably won't even go through.

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    The Yankees didn't sign him because he's good looking. They signed him because he is a dynamic player who can ignite an offense, both at the dish and on the bases, and plays a mean center field. It may be an overpay, especially if Gardner stays in center field and Ellsbury goes to left, but they signed him for his talent.

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    It is their money they are wasting.

    Jacoby Ellsbury, while not worth 22 million a year, is much better than an average player.

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    The owners can pay whoever they want whatever amount they want for whatever reason they want. It's all fine by me.

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    It's not that big of a deal. If owners want to be playas and do that, so be it

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