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Christians If LOTR had been written 3,000 years ago . Would You be worshiping Hobbit,s and Orc,s today?

You believe in Virgins giving birth to god,s and Snakes that talk . Why not a god named Gandalf?The reason Christianity still exists today is because Christian parents brainwash Their Children from a early age to believe in a Christian god and his son . If Your parent,s had told You from Your birth that LOTR was a true fact you would be believing this today . Instead of posting those long passages from the bible try answering intelligently for once. Without resorting to the bible to bully Your statements let,s see how You verify Your arguments by using Your own intellect.Mano el Mano No Guns , Knives, bibles , rosary's or other weapons allowed.

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    Gandalf wasn't a god, geeze you guys know nothing about the lord of the rings universe.

    Eru Ilúvatar was the creator and god of the world of Arda.

    And also considering Tolkien himself was a strong catholic and with the many similarities between Eru and The god of Abraham you can see what he is implying.

    So don't kid yourself and try to comment about lord of the rings if you don't even know what the heck your talking about.


    "You verify Your arguments by using Your own intellect.Mano el Mano No Guns , Knives, bibles , rosary's or other weapons allowed."

    Oh yes, verifying our arguments on our belief on with our own intellect "henceforth experiences", We all know how you atheists feel when we are giving our personal accounts on it.

    You simply say not good enough, needs scientific backup and peer reviewed, however you said mano a mano so we are not allowed to use scientific research since that would be considered a "weapon" according to your requirements.

    Henceforth we can't really do anything, but that means you can't either right?

    Great, let the happy fun times with us all united without possibility of discrimination against different belief systems commence.

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    Are you suggesting that the Bible is a single book written by a single person, presented as a work of fiction? I really don't think that is the case. The truth is there are 66 books written over a period of at least 1000 years, and logically you should conclude they are written by different people. There is a variety of genres, history, poetry, moral lessons, and yes there is some fiction.

    I suggest if your whole argument is hinged on a talking snake, then you might want to read the Bible before you pose arguments like this.

    Furthermore, you might want to read LOTR too. The movies are decent, no doubt, but there is more in-depth information in the books. Did you know that JRR Tolkien was actually a Christian?

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    I am not a pagan, if you know about J.R.R. Tolkien's life you would know that

    he was a Linguistics professor who had quite a bit of interest in old English and other early Germanic languages, His works were influenced quite a bit by Germanic mythology.

    So if had been written 3,000 years ago I would view it in the same way I view the epic og Gilgiamesh, the Odyssy or the Iliad All of which are ancient epics.

    This would be a lot better question to ask Pagans.

    Also it is Mano a mano- hand to hand Mano el Mano is hand the hand. Mano et mano would be hand and hand.

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    Hope these help in your unbelief. The Holy Bible is the Word of God, it's what a Christian bases our faith upon. We will always use the weapon of the Bible, regardless of wether any one agrees with it or not. You may continue using your theory of :- Nothing bought all into existence from nothing by the power of nothing, for no reason, or purpose and therefore without design, and magicaly by random accidental explosion.

    I became a born again of the Holy Spirit Christian at the age of 29, my parents are still not Christian.

    The serpent is a simbolic name for satan or the devil, I think.

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