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Is the biggest challenge of innovation to make sure its available to all people equally?

When a nation invents something, should everyone in that nation have access to it? Does access include affordability? The whole concept of working together is lost on this generation of selfish corporatist profit takers. Phones, internet, cell phones, foods, health care, education and housing are basic but should be available to all.

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    We have a massive underclass which has been trained to support the most vicious kind of profiteering, by a political right wing which labels anything less than a "pay me top dollar for your right to air and water and light" attitude "socialist".

    It's THOSE people -- the ones who've taken the bait -- who stand in the way of the future, as much as their enslaving leadership.

    I think saying everyone should have access to everything you name -- with the possible exception of the internet and cell phones (because they may be luxuries rather than necessities) -- is true and even self-evident.

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    They are "available to all"; go out and earn your own money and buy anything you want. equally.

    You start right out saying "When a nation invents something." The "nation" is not a person or a mind; nation is a hypothetical construct with no physical reality of it's own; so the nation cannot invent anything.

    Your attitude speaks of "Tribalism", and that is a REGRESSIVE move toward the past. If a person puts sweat, blood, and tears into a project, then it belongs to him.

    Your idea of "working together" is simplistic, because no one works together willingly if nothing is in it for him. All it does is reduce everything to mediocrity, a leveling effect bound to destroy innovation and initiative. That's the basis of Socialism.

    You really need to find the children's story, "The Little Red Hen" and read it. Yes, liberals have scoured the libraries removing many good books and stories calling them "Sex Roll Stereotyping", or some other idiotic thing, but you can still find it if you look around.

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    They are available to all. There is no law preventing you from going out and getting a job and earning money and then buying these things. Maybe you want access to rocket rides to the space station as well.

    Access does not include affordablity. Guess what 90% of the people in the world don't have access to some or many of the items you listed. Why don't you go out and gtive them yours? You don’t have a “right” to anything that other people have to pay to provide for you.

    BTW, it is the Dems that keep screaming that we need to make college available to all but stop people from getting a decent grade school education. They fight vouchers, oppose merit pay, refuse to get rid of terrible teachers, and bend over backwards to keep poor kids trapped in failing schools. They are trying to get college to replace High School by making sure that anyone who graduates High School only has an 8th grade education.

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    If you understood the lifecycle of innovative products, they have always had high costs initially, so that only businesses / the wealthy could afford them. As the technology develops, more suppliers enter the market to get those high early profits. As it develops further and process and efficiency improve the price comes down and more people can afford it. As the technology matures, there comes increased competition for slimmer profit margins, where it becomes its most affordable.

    Technology has to develop and get down to efficiency of design and manufacture before it can really be something that is available to all.

    This is basic economics. What the heck are they teaching you?

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    Wait a second, why is such an extreme Liberal propaganda mouthpiece and Obama supporter posting from Canada? Is the propaganda agency no longer able to hire in the USA?

    This ‘account’ has been doing this for over 2 years, and has exceeded 10600 questions and answers. Yet despite that amazing output on Y-answers, has only become more close-minded, biased, willfully ignorant, extremely stereotypical Liberal who posts things like this almost every single work day;

    -Are liberals driven towards goodness or driven away from conservative ideology? I see there is the ultimate goal of world peace and empathetic attitudes. But sometimes I think we let ourselves be driven away from what we hate rather than pursuing the common ideal of democracy and public interests. So you see that there are no bad guys on the left, only people who’ve been driven to desperation by conservative evil.

    -If the government is the people, do republicans hate the people? Conservatives and tea party activists and lobbyists incorrectly point out that the people are the Nation……People need to be reminded on the partnership involving government and their obligation to help others through programs and redistribution of resources so everyone can experience justice, fairness, and equality.

    -Obama has tried to end inferior health care yet people are ignorant and being protected by pure evil.

    -What's so precious about filibustering? The democrats control the Senate, therefore they make the rules. Republicans made Obama angry so now they have to deal with the consequences.

    -But (Christians) still believe in a god that kills firstborn children.

    -Is thanksgiving more distant and irrelevant than ever? When everybody had a job and was able to afford food and health care, society was indeed more thankful. Now after the Bush tax cuts and Tea Party anti-tax efforts we don't have infrastructure that create jobs nor a road to get to relatives houses. We also have intensified climate change where people can't travel.


    Since this account is only active during working hours, I honestly believe this is a propaganda agency and not just one person.

    (The posting times changed when I pointed it out)

    MC - What happened ACS. Your rants used to be more upbeat and even funny in a “OMG, does she really believe this BS?” way. Not these depressing lectures from "I am morally superior to everyone, so do what I say!", justified with obvious lies than any middle-school child can see through.

    Your rhetoric is empty. Heaven help you, you have fallen into the trap of believing it.

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    Innovation has ALWAYS benefited the PERSON (or company) who creates something--hence the Patent Office. So long as said person (company) owns the patetnt, they control it. It's been this way for decades and is NOT something new.

    Everything you mention is already AVAILABLE to all. Your implication is that all that should be free, which is a crock.

    Nothing in life is free.

    The Warlock

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    Should everyone in that nation have access to it?

    They do have access. No one is stopping anyone from having or obtaining any of those things you mention.

    But no. They do not have a right to force me to buy it for them. They do not have a right to an iPhone or for me to pay to educate their kids, provide them with a home or feed their family. That is THEIR job and in this, the Land of Opportunity, such things are incredibly easy to provide for yourself. All you have to do is get off your butt and do it.

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    No, in fact the constitution gives the inventor a monopoly for an amount of time set by congress...When are you going to take a class where you will be assigned: "Reading" the is less than 10 pages long with amendments

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    My mom came up with an apple pie recipe that almost everybody likes. The neighbor makes a horrible tasting apple pie. My mom can sell her pies for an income to anyone who has the money to buy one.

    Are you telling us that my mom should give her pies to everyone or that my mom should give my neighbor her apple pie recipe so her coustomers can get pies from the neighbor instead so as to level the playing field because the neighbor the made lousy pies but deserves equality?

    This kind of thought pattern makes me wretch as badly as eating the neighbors pie.

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    The Opportunity to earn money to purchase these goods and services should be guaranteed to all...........not the actual good and services themselves

    The world does not owe any able bodied adults ... free food higher health cell phones and free internet access

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