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Paul asked in SportsBasketball · 7 years ago

Who in the NBA can most effectively guard these players?

in your opinion, who are the best defenders to give each of these players a hard time?

You can name a player more than twice.

Kevin Durant?

Dwight Howard?

Stephen Curry?

Kobe Bryant?

Carmelo Anthony?

Paul George?

James Harden?

Dirk Nowitzki?

Chris Paul?

Kevin Love?

Lebron James?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Kevin Durant: Lebron James, can play up on him and shut down his drives while also being able to hold his on in the post

    Dwight Howard : Marc Gasol quick feet, good sturdy lower body, strong defensive fundamentals, rarely goes for pump fakes

    Stephen Curry: Avery Bradley, quick ball pressuring guard who can keep up with Curry on drives and fight his way through the screens on the perimeter. UNderrated shot blocking ability

    Kobe Bryant: Paul George, long enough to contest while playing off, improved strength helps him on post ups. Since Kobe is not really a pick and roll player much, George can disrupt him without having to worry about fighting his way through screens which he sometimes struggles with.

    Carmelo Anthony: Lebron James, strong enough to hold his own in the post where Melo likes to eat and quick enough to stick with Melo on drives to the rim after his patented jab step , fake from the triple threat position in the low post. Can contest without giving up too much space or getting too close for a foul.

    Paul George: Andre iguodala, willingness to fight through screens will help him tremendously against George who hasn't yet mastered a post up game and is still learning how to beat his man off the dribble. Iguodala can shut him down when he tries to use picks because of Iggy's ability to recover after a screen has been set.

    James Harden: Tony Allen, tough minded ball pressuring guard who has impeccable agility out on the perimeter where Harden is most effective. His ability to handle elite wing in isolation will help him against one of the best isolation scorers in our league. And even though he gives up pounds and height to Harden, Allen makes up with grittiness and nastiness.

    Dirk Nowitki: Taj Gibson, mobile athletic forward who can stay with Dirk on the perimeter and force him into tough shots. May get into foul trouble if Dirk uses his deadly pump fakes but I will take the chance. Also Gibson is strong enough to handle Dirk if he tries to abuse him on the block.

    Chris Paul: Paul George: long athletic guys tend to give Chris Paul problems so why not a 6 9" forward with the ability to move well laterally while staying just far enough away to contest the shot and ensure he does not get blown by. Screens may be a problem for George but he can survive it with help from his teammates who do a great job rotating.

    Kevin Love: Lamarcus Aldridge, long and deceptively quick, this allows him to stay with Love on the wing. And since Love does not have a mid range game, he can press Love out at the 3 point line knowing any blows bys will result in either a turnover or a wild shot at the rim.

    Lebron James: Paul George: no one can guard Lebron on the perimeter but george can at least bait him into some long range jumpers and shut down his driving game. When Lebron tries to go to the low post, George can use his long arms to front Lebron and prevent entry passes.

  • Kevin Durant: Paul George

    Dwight Howard: Roy Hibbert

    Stephen Curry: Avery Bradley

    Kobe Bryant: Arron Afflalo

    Carmelo Anthony: Luol Deng

    Paul George: Luol Deng

    James Harden: Shawn Marion

    Dirk Nowitzki: Tim Duncan

    Chris Paul: Russell Westbrook

    Kevin Love: David West

    LeBron James: Paul George

  • Ray
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    7 years ago

    Kevin Durant: LeBron James

    Dwight Howard: Marc Gasol

    Stephen Curry: Russell Westbrook

    Kobe Bryant: Tony Allen

    Carmelo Anthony: Andre Igoudala

    Paul George: Andre Igoudala

    James Harden: Tony Allen

    Dirk Nowitizki: Serge Ibaka

    Chris Paul: Rajon Rondo

    Kevin Love: LaMarcus Aldridge

    LeBron James: Paul George

  • 7 years ago

    KD - Paul George

    Dwight Howard - Historically it's been Kendrick Perkins, but I'm not sure now that his game has fallen off the face of the earth. I'll say Roy Hibbert.

    Curry - Tony Allen

    Kobe - Lebron

    Melo - Paul George

    Paul George - Lebron

    James Harden - Dwyane Wade

    Dirk - Anthony Davis

    CP3- Lebron

    Love - Lebron

    Lebron - Paul George

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    durant: paul george

    howard: marc gasol

    curry: avery bradley

    bryant: tony allen

    anthony: lebron james

    george: lebron james

    harden: tony allen

    dirk: lebron james

    paul: avery bradley

    love: lebron james

    lebron: paul george

  • 7 years ago

    Hold up hold, since when has LeBron been good at guarding Melo?

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