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How does anyone make a living in Canada?

Ok so I really want to be a paramedic and the starting salary in Canada Alberta seems to be 57K-60K. (As far as internet sources go) However the federal gov't is going to tax me 15% on it because it is under 80K and my provincial tax is going to be 10% in Alberta. A full quarter of my paycheck gone! So lets say I was making gross salary of 60K each year with the 25% taxes I would have only made 45K in a year! What a joke! No wonder why a lot of Canadians are paying debt until there late 60's, no one makes enough money! Ya we have somewhat of a "free health care" that most of our taxes go to. But we also have to realize we have idiot named Stephen Harper spending ridiculous sums of money on the G20 summit and his secret spending which he got caught for. Now the real question is, can I divorce this god forbidden high-taxed country and work in the states where they practice a more Adam Smith, Laissez-Faire approach to economics? I don't want to get taxed that much and then have to pay into corrupt insurance companies. How ridiculous!

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    I hate to disappoint you, but there are a lot of people living on less than you're whining about. They may not be living in the lap of luxury, but they make out just fine. If you can't live on that, then you need to either look into a higher paying job, or re-evaluate your spending.

    And, what "corrupt insurance companies" are you talking about?

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