Going to apply for canada permanant resident, but first have one doubt?

I need help regarding my immigration doubts. Hope I will get help here. Anywys my problem is : Before 8 months when I went to back home I have applied for visa.i was working as supervisor in restaurant. In visa applicon they need employment letter, in which I stated supervisor.everything was ok till now. But recently at my job location they omit the supervisor position,and offering me bit lower position "sandwich artist or maker"(though I am happy because they didnt change my pay rate). (In addition CEC also close the foos supervisor category)Soon I am applying for my permanant residence under CEC. so now if I apply with this new position "sandwich maker", is it create problem for me? As I have shown supervisor in my (8-9 months early visa apply time) employment letter. So is this ok?? I mean are they gone check my previous documents?? What should I do in this critical situation.please help me because I have limited time post graduation work permit.

thank you

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    You don't meet the requirements to apply for permanent residency under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program.

    In order to apply you must have at least 12 months of full-time work experience in Canada in a type 0 (managerial), A (professional), or B (technical and skilled trades). Food service supervisors (NOC 6311) is not a type 0 profession.

    If you are applying under "0631 Restaurant and food service managers" you must be listed as the manager of the restaurant and must have been for the full year. You must have specific degrees or diplomas and you must be performing the duties as listed on the NOC job description -- including being responsible for hiring, training, negotiating with food contractors, setting schedules and shifts, etc. You aren't a manager if your primary job is making sandwiches.

    CIC is certainly going to check. It is going to look back through your entire year of work experience, your initial resume, the original job posting, duties, income tax returns, the degree requirements for the job, etc. They will likely be calling the owner. If you were running the entire place for a year... your employer isn't going to call you a 'supervisor'. If it isn't clear that you run the entire restaurant... you aren't a manager. Finally, only 200 applications are excepted per NOC classification.

    No 'supervisor' is not ok. Supervisors are not a type 0 profession. You must be a 'manager' for at least a year -- that position must require specific degrees, and you must be primarily performing the duties listed in the NOC entry.

    If your goal was to apply for permanent residency under the CEC, I have no idea why you took a job which isn't listed as a type 0 profession under the NOC? CIC never closed the supervisor category -- it was never open. "Food service supervisors" was never an NOC type 0 profession. It has always been a type 6 (Sales and Service Occupations) profession. CIC is merely now telling people to stop trying to apply under that category since it does not apply. People who tried applying previously were never accepted. CIC just wants people to stop wasting their time.

    If you don't have a year's experience in a management position you can't apply under the CEC. If you don't have a year left on your PGWP obtaining a year's work experience is going to be extremely difficult if not impossible. You'll need to find a job which qualifies for a labour market opinion (LMO) report so that you can apply for a normal work permit. These are insanely difficult to find. Few companies have any interest in hiring people for management positions on temporary work permits. If they already have an LMO, they'll likely already be recruiting overseas and will take their six months to find the best candidate. If they don't have an LMO, hiring you now is generally pointless -- when your work permit runs out, in order to keep you, they'll need to advertise nationally, no Canadian can apply, and then they can apply for an LMO which still may not be granted. There isn't a big shortage of restaurant managers in Canada.

    I would go talk with an immigration lawyer. I would then be researching actual management positions in Canada which might be available to foreign workers (i.e. which have an LMO). I wouldn't assume you would find one, but you should try to develop contract, join industry associations, visit companies, etc. Ask what countries they are looking for workers in, which (if any) overseas employment agencies they use, etc. I would also be looking in more remote communities which might have labour shortages or Canadians might not wish to relocate to -- mining towns, off-season hotels, possibly some ski resorts, etc. I would also seriously review your resume and degrees to see if you would qualify for these. Develop a plan for actually looking for employment and assume that you'll be doing this while outside Canada as it will likely take years.

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    You don't have enough FORMAL education, AND working experience in that field, to be approved for a Permanent Resident status in Canada.

    her is what Canada is looking for................University Graduates with a 4 year degree, AND at least 4 years of actual working experience in their field of education.

    OR they want certified Trades persons, with 4 years of working experience, such as electricians, plumbers, welders, or heavy equipment operators.

    Working a food shop is NOT what we are looking for, in Canada. We have more than enough people who can do that type of work, who were BORN in Canada. Why would we bring you here ?

    You won't qualify.

    Jim B


  • 7 years ago

    They make it look like it is hard to get visa for Canada . It is not . Do not worry and send whatever . If they want you, they will give you visa no matter what . If they don't in a same way they will refuse . Do not loose any sleep over it . All in all better to put as it is than to try to cheat . They know if you farted before you do .

  • Anonymous
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    Good luck with that.

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