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Have Americans just given up on the dream of deporting illegal immigrants?

And now you realize that after years and years of pandering your politicians they're here to stay.

But hey, look at the bright side, at least they're roman catholic latin americans, unlike Europe who has to deal with Arab Muslims.

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    I'm resigned to the fact that it will never happen, although Obama has deported more than any president in history.

    Now, my concern is about what we're facing with the coming food and water crisis. All crops depend on something called "rock-phosphates" and a third of U.S. crops depend on the Ogalalla Aquifer for water. Both will be gone by 2060.

    That means, no water in the cities and a HUGE food shortage worldwide. Just as the global population hits 10 billion, there will suddenly be no food; only enough for about 1 billion. Nine out of ten people will starve.

    UNLESS!!! Unless the population sees a very rapid decline. But it won't.

    Most of my tenants (as you know) are Latino and I understand they love their families. So they have lots of kids. When those kids grow up and have babies, they'll all need water and food.

    Problem: when the aquifer is pumped to empty in less than 50 years, cities throughout the West, Southwest and Plains States will NOT have clean water. Govt's are already planning to recycle water from our toilets straight back into the kitchen sink. It can be done. But the water bill will be MANY TIMES higher than it is now.

    No food. No water. I sincerely feel sorry for my tenants' kids.


    @ Micio: I left add'l comments for you in my question regarding your answer.

    @ Creepy Cracker: WHAT country?! Read above. In 2060 there won't be enough food for one tenth of the people on earth and water will be as scarce in the U.S. as it is in many undeveloped nations, now.

    The best estimates I've seen indicate there'll be about 400 to 800 million people alive by 2100. Right now, there are 7,000 million. That means there'll be 6.2 to 6.8 Billion FEWER people on earth than now.



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    Although President Obama supports setting a path to citizenship for many illegal immigrants, his administration deported a record 1.5 million of them in his first term.

    In addition, the released by the government in recent days show that an unprecedented 409,849 people were deported for the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30.

    The increase from the previous year occurred despite policy changes ordered by Obama to reduce the deportations of otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants.

    Roughly 55 percent, or more than 225,000 people, deported in the past year were convicted of crimes such as drug offenses and driving under the influence. Immigration officials note that they deported nearly twice as many convicted criminals as in the year before Obama took office. That year, in 2008, criminals made up about a third of all deportations.

    The administration says the figures demonstrate that the shift in enforcement to focus on criminals is working.

    Priority cases include felons, repeat violators of immigration laws, people who have recently crossed U.S. borders illegally and those who pose a national security threat, the White House says.

    But immigrant advocates, including Latino politicians and civil rights groups, criticized the figures as evidence that Obama's policy changes don't sufficiently protect unintended targets.

    "This is nothing to be proud of," Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., said in a statement. "In the 409,849 deportations are hardened criminals for whom I have no sympathy, but we must also realize that among these ... are parents and breadwinners ... that are assets to American communities and have committed no crimes."

    Some 90,000 people in this category are deported every year, Gutierrez estimates.

    Gutierrez and others say the best solution remains the passage of comprehensive , which could be taken up by the new Congress early next year.

    that appears to address the criticism, U.S. Immigration and Enforcement Director John Morton has ordered his agents to focus solely on "serious offenders." Agents won't pursue illegal immigrants convicted of one or two minor misdemeanors, such as traffic violations, he said.

    The new directive limits the use of "detainers," an enforcement tool that critics say has too often been used to nab people who pose no public safety or national security threat.

    From Morton's :

    "While the FY 2012 removals indicate that we continue to make progress in focusing resources on criminal and priority aliens, with more convicted criminals being removed from the country than ever before, we are constantly looking for ways to ensure that we are doing everything we can to utilize our resources in a way that maximizes public safety."

    The biggest change under Obama has been his , which gives qualified young people brought to the U.S. as children a renewable two-year reprieve. Since the program began in August, applications from more than 355,000 people have been accepted and nearly 103,000 have been approved, according to the government figures

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    America deports a lot of illegal immigrants. You can look it up.

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    Sorry but I disagree. We have had record number of criminals deported. I suggest you should give up on the dream of an amnesty.

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    the United States is the past. there is no future in the US. it's time to look for the future of building a new country

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