In the heir Korean drama,what was the name of the nerd?

The one who always gets bullied, like the one at episode one. What's his name???

And about Lee bo na's character,is she like an antogonist? Coz i like her personality in the Heir and she hates Eun sang, im only at episode 7 and i wanna know if she's gonna do something bad to Eun sang. Thanks! ;)

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  • 6 years ago
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    jo yoon woo as joon young :)

    i like bo na's character too.

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  • 6 years ago

    I believe you are looking for Jo Yoon Woo. He was the victim of Choi Young Do. Jo Yoon Woo played as Moon Joon Young.

    I dont really think Lee Bo Na AKA Krystal Jung of F(x) is the antagonist. She is just jealous that someone, especially a female, is close to her boyfriend. If you continue watching the drama, you will realize that she helped Cha Eun Sang feveral times. She even let Cha Eun Sang sleep at her place.

    Hope that helped you!

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