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What was so bad about segregation?

If you think about it, blacks were better of back in the 60's than they are now. When blacks were oppressed, they acted like normal people. But now that they have rights, they've turned into violent, self destructive, welfare collecting psychopaths. Seriously. Can you name even one mostly black area that doesn't have an overwhelmingly high amount of violence,aids, and poverty?




Percent of welfare recepients that are white : 38.8

Percent that are black: 39.8

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    Its not the new found freedom its the psychopaths who peddle influence in the media, the same hypocritical media that makes pauls dean apologize puts out negitive recist crap about what blacks shoukd want to become f you anderson Cooper f you.

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    What was so bad about segregation? ARE U JOKING ! everything about it was bad

    second question

    Can you name even one mostly black area that doesn't have an overwhelmingly high amount of violence,aids, and poverty?

    withe are eugenics racists they keep all dark skin people inferior poor in third world countries also ,to answer your question, since you seem to care.those neighborhoods are that way because yes they are equal now, but not really, they are still discriminated kept inferior. most withe get better jobs better pay is like they hire 7 withe professionals and 2 black 1 Hispanic.i would be violent if i was black that's how they get respect from racist people that called them N and treat treat them as inferior.but u wouldn't know because you are withe.USA was founded with free african labor,cheap latin and other countries jobs paid less wages

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    segregation is bad but is not the reason.

    Democrat compassion is the problem.

    The black family has been hurt the worst by the compassion of the congressional democrats, because the democrat party teaches and preaches that blacks are victims. Blacks must depend on the government to counter racism, prejudice, and discrimination, which is a total deception. The congressional democrats want a permanent underclass to provide power, control and purpose to the government.

    Do you really think Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson want to end racism?

    Their power comes from racism. Al and Jesse promote and encourage racism to increase their power, and control just like the congressional democrats.

    The government is replacing the fathers with a welfare check, and letting generation after generation grow and live on welfare, leaving illegitimate children with no guidance, no discipline, and too much time on their hands.

    And we all know idle hands are the devils workshop.

    Black families remained the least likely to have an employed family member (78 percent).

    The black illegitimate rate is 72% and eclipses that of all other groups.

    2001, only 50% of all black students, graduated from high school. Black, males fare even worse.

    23% of All Black Men Drop-Outs Ages 16 to 24 Are in Prison, or a Juvenile Justice Institution.

    Since the war on poverty and the democrat party realizing they could increase their power, and buy votes with welfare, the black family has been hurt the worse.

    Affirmative Action, Women's Rights, Hate Crimes, Gay Rights, all these democrat family values treat people differently, according to race, gender, or sexual preference are nothing but pure sexism, racism and reverse racism.

    Republicans know treating people differently because of race gender, or sexual preference, whether for good or bad is still racism, and sexism.

    3% of the total white population is on welfare while its 40% of the total black population?

    There are 223.6 million whites, 3% of which are on welfare. There are 8.8 million blacks, 40% of which are on welfare. Why is this?

    Whites make up 38% of the total welfare population, being 77.9% of the entire population.

    Blacks make up 39% of the total welfare population, being 13.1% of the entire population.

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    :.. When Blacks were oppressed, they acted like normal people..."

    I AM Black and I read what you wrote...

    EVEN for a conservative, you MUST be a troll!!!

    I mean, not even ONE of THE most vitriolic neocons would even go near agreeing totally w/ your psychotic post.

    Please take your thorazine, stop drinking whole 5ths this early in the day, and just plain go away.

    Bye, now!

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    "Can you name even one mostly black area that doesn't have an overwhelmingly high amount of violence,aids, and poverty?"

    Yes, we can name several. Just because you do not know about them, does not mean that they don't exist.

    Baldwin Hills, CA, and African American neighborhood with an average income of $157,033. Its just one of hundreds of affluent black neighborhoods with very low crime rates and good schools. See source for list.

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    What so bad about segregation is we were not treating them equal. We were calling them racial slurs and if a African American did the same crime as a white person they had didn't get equal treatment in law they get harsher punishments . We called them many names and we lynched them. separating made things worse they were given less rights then white people

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    Wow. You’re either kidding or completely insane.

    Were you aware that the majority of people on welfare are white? How can that be? I don’t give a rip about PERCENTAGES - the FACT is that there are more white people on welfare than black people on welfare. How can that be? What is it about WHITES? How can so many of them be so poor?

  • Because whites abused blacks for free labor, it went against civil rights, all of them soooo yeah, and yeah only some turned into that, that is because they were treated like royalty and things got messed up

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    Yeah! Things were even better for the blacks when they were slaves! No unemployment worries.

    Source(s): Twisted logic.
  • Anonymous
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    Never try to reason the prejudice out of a man. It was not reasoned into him, and cannot be reasoned out.

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