How do i ask a girl to shower together and make it enjoyable for her?

Me and this girl were kind of going out last year (not officially) but was turned down when asked. We're still good friends, closer now in fact than ever before, both of us being a lot more comfortable around each other. We didn't have sex at any point, but she's open to the idea of still having sex with each other (be it a one time thing or continuous I do not know) and as she said it, wants to help me with my relationship stuff, i.e. kissing, groping...

We've figured on having sex (would've happened last time if we had the time to spend) next time we're together, and I'm pretty sure she's a virgin. What I wanted to ask was how can I make the whole experience most pleasurable and memorable for her. I'm a little apprehensive about blood, so was wondering if maybe starting off in the shower and then move somewhere else.

My question is, or questions are:

- Knowing that we'd have sex when we meet up, how do I start it off?

- How do I make it most pleasurable for her?

- How do i ask her into the shower?


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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    She will be the one that wants to go in. Women love water because it gets them going.

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