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Help with this gas stoich question?

A butane lighter(C4H10) was ignited and left to burn until it was empty. The lighter initially had a mass of 12.5g. After the reaction was finished the lighter had a mass of 9.9g. If this was done in a room at SATP, how many litres of carbon dioxide would be produced?

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  • Lexi R
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    7 years ago
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    write a balanced equation

    2C4H10 + 13O2 ---> 8CO2 + 10H2O

    mass C4H1O combusted = 12.5 g - 9.9 g = 2.6 g

    moles C4H10 = mass / molar mass = 2.6 g / 58.12 g/mol = 0.0447 mol

    moles CO2 produced = 0.0447 mol C4H10 x (8 mol CO2 / 2 mol C4H10)

    = 0.17894 mol

    SATP stands for Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure.

    Its a bit of a nasty one because it is not an offical set of conditions and as such some people will tell you it is one set of conditions and someone else will tell you another.

    I learned that SATP was 1 atm and 25 deg C (298.15K)

    You may need to check your sylbus/text/notes.

    Use the ideal gas equation

    PV = nRT

    P = 1.000 atm

    V = ? L

    n = 0.17894 mol

    R = 0.082057 Latmmol^-1K^-1

    T = 298.15 K

    V = nRT / P

    V = 0.17894 mol x 0.082057 Latmmol^-1K^-1 x 298.15 K / 1.000 atm

    = 4.3778 L

    = 4.4 L (2 sig figs)

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