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Your thoughts on week 14 of the NFL season?

BQ - how did your team do

BQ - who do you have next

49ers defeated the Seahawks 19 - 17

we are in Tampa next week

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    Jets beat the Raiders 37-27. It is the last time in 2013 that our offense will look that good. We have Carolina next at Bank of America which figures to be very ugly. I'd be happy giving up fewer than 30 points and getting a couple sacks and a pick off Cam. This could be the fifth game of the season that we fail to score a touchdown and the seventh double-digit loss. No team has any business still being in the playoff hunt with a resume like that. I wonder if Geno doesn't get benched at some point in the game for Matt Simms.

    Thoughts on other games this week:

    -Jaguars are on a tear. Good for them. They had a lot of winnable games after a rough first half and are taking advantage of that schedule.

    -Indianapolis is a solid team, but all these double-digit losses are concerning. They're a lot like the Jets. The games they win, they barely win. And the games they lose, they're destroyed. This is not the same team that handed Denver it's first loss, that's for sure. As for Trent Richardson's future, it's not looking well.

    -Josh Gordon's 2013 season has been incredible to watch. I'm already dreading what he will do to my Jets in a couple weeks.

    -Where does New England go without Gronkowski?

    -Green Bay will STILL only be a half game back of 1st in the North with Rodgers due back. Not to say there's ever a good time for someone to get hurt, but they're thrilled that this season is not over yet.

    -Peyton silenced the cold weather critics .... until next week. He's only about 950 yards & 5 touchdowns away from breaking Brady's touchdown mark and Brees's passing mark and has some very favorable match-ups to close out the year.

    -Ravens/Vikings and Dolphins/Steelers had some exciting finishes. I was able to catch them because the regional games (Jets/Raiders, Lions/Eagles) were over & CBS and FOX switched to them.

    -I expected a Saints win, but wow! Great turnaround from a tough loss a week ago. They made it look easier than it probably should have been against the Panthers.

    -49ers had an impressive week and they too have a favorable schedule the rest of the way. 12-4 is not out of the realm of possibility.

    -Detroit will be happy to get out of the snow and play at home for MNF next week. I'm curious to see how Stafford & company will do against an aggressive defense that's been steadily improving this season.

    -Chicago's been very good offensively but this Cowboy defense is pathetic. How did they hold Nick Foles and the Eagles without a touchdown? That's going to change when they meet again in Dallas, I'm sure of it.

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  • 6 years ago

    49ers defeated the Seahawks 19 - 17

    we are in Tampa next week

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  • ny21tb
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    6 years ago

    it was pretty good.

    BQ: We got smoked by the Chargers.

    BQ 2: Seattle in Seattle.

    Our season was over before it began but, We won a couple of recent Super Bowls and, it was time to make a few changes anyway so, I'm cool with it.

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  • 6 years ago

    Saints defeated the Panthers @ home, which I expected. 31-13

    We play the Rams next.

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  • 6 years ago

    revenge is a dish served cold .and tampa bay might be rough ,they ( tampa bay) might give the 49ers a good run for there money .

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  • 6 years ago

    Good week.

    Jets beat Oakland, they're in Carolina next Sunday.

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  • 6 years ago

    my team proved again that the defence couldnt finish the game causing them minnesota that is to fall to 3,9,1 but if the D could finish theyd be 8-5 and winning the division but o well seriously they let teams back in the 4th quarter alot..


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