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What would the U.S. automaker industry be like if it was just Ford, with GM out of the picture?

GM was the automaker that gave all U.S. automakers a bad name. GM cars are cr@p, and anyone who owns a GM vehicle knows it.

Ford vehicles are high quality. In my 30 years of driving, I would rate the Ford I owned as second only to a Toyota, and superior to the other Japanese made brands.

What would have happened if Ford was left as the only major U.S. auto maker, and GM stopped making its low quality vehicles?


Victor, I have known like 3 people in my entire life who drove Chryslers.

They were never a major auto maker in anyplace I ever lived.

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    I always liked my Mercedes built in Tuscaloosa better than my Lincoln built in Canada but my wife loves the Mitsubishi built in Normal Illinois, and not the Buick Rendezvous from Mexico we never had a Ford Focus from Britain

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    Well, the U.S. would be making better cars. Ford wouldn't last long as the ONLY auto manufacturer. With the demise of GM, other automakers would come into the market...automakers who concentrated on quality, innovation and all of those features that make a superior vehicle. All the government did was prop up a failed business model with their bail out of GM and the ONLY reason they're doing so well now is because the government is buying their fleet vehicles, tens of thousands of vehicles a year, from GM rather than Ford. And, as you mention, Ford is still doing just fine, as are all the non-Union auto makers in the U.S.

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    I'm not sure, except that I know the unemployment rate would be a lot higher and my stock portfolio would be a lot smaller.

    I bought GM stock when it was trading at $20.08. Now it's at $41.23. And you guys hate them.

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    Your country would just import many more European cars.

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