Did i make a trade that will haunt me (fantasy basketball)?

I get:

Chris Paul

Thaddeus Young

Joakim Noah

I lose:

Kevin Durant

Rudy Gay

George Hill

Please tell me i did good. I am first in 3 pointers and free throws but toward last in FG%, assists, and close to in rebounds and blocks. Pg's are expensive in this league so if i were to get a good one it required Durant, so i got the best. I had a surplus of SF and SG but i downgrade at PF. I tried to get more, but he didn't budge, so i said ok.

Please tell me i didn't do bad.

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  • Pronk
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    7 years ago
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    I would've vetoed that trade..

    What on Earth possessed you to give away Durantula?

    If CP3 is the best PG it's by a small margin;He's not as dominant as he was New Orleans.

    Noahs' numbers are noticeably down from last year as well.

    You may not get haunted,but you'll probably now get regularly steam rolled by your opponents.

    gud loock

  • 7 years ago

    honestly, i wouldn't have traded Kevin Durant for anyone except for something like a first and second rounder. I think value-wise, it was not a good deal. But based on your situation, it wasn't horrible...

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