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Do I have leukemia crying?

i've been getting colds for a few months like a cold per month for about 3 months, i had a cold that lasted a few weeks, then the flu after my shot, now i have another cold and i keep thinking does that mean i have cancer? its not in my family, i've been to 6 doctors and they won't test me because they say i'm too healthy and that its common to catch colds like this and that i don't have cancer but i stress SO much like please help me, my friend said i could have given myself cancer because i worried about it so now my body thinks i have it i don't have lumps besides the swollen gland in my neck that the doctor said its from being sick, like i'm terrified

i'm also not puking blood or anything i'm just a little pale and my lips are darker pink, and it starts with a sneeze, to a sore throat, to a cough, sometimes headaches.. please tell me i don't have cancer and its not a sign, my parents said i don't have it

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    I'm going to be honest: it's cold season, hun. I'm usually consistently feeling crummy for most of the winter, and I have a good number of normally healthy friends who are the same way. If your doctors don't think you have cancer, you most likely don't. Leukemia usually has symptoms of unusual bruising and things related to blood, nothing like a cold. If you don't have any lumps other than your glands in your neck (that's normal with colds and the like), then that's also a good sign. Also, your friend is incorrect in saying you can give yourself cancer from stress; I've been studying biology/health sciences for years and have never heard of someone giving themselves cancer, other than by exposing themselves to carcinogens. I think you're just overreacting. It does sound like you may have some anxiety though if you're this worried, maybe you should get that checked out first. I don't mean that in a mean way, I mean that in an honest, I have anxiety as well kind of way.

    Source(s): Respiratory therapy student, have family history of anxiety
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    Looking at your photo I am guessing you are still under the healthy weight range for your height s you were 2 years ago.

    This lack of nourishment could be the cause of all your problems.

    Your immune system needs to be well nourished to work properly.

    The crying is probably a result of not feeling well.

    Nothing you have written gives any reason to suspect leukaemia.

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    Lukemia is likeca cancer of the blood or bone marrow... it doesmt cause colds lol

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