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i myself am a teen, but im the stereotypical type where i dont understand a word any of my friends or peers say. now i have to write a presentation, series a paragraphs (that kind of thing) on teenage conformity. what kind of words do teens use, that would confuse older people, and me :P and provide a short definition. i know ratchet was something that was used a lot. others?

also, just an opinion question, how did you learn these words, and why do you say them?

thanks so much!!!

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    7 years ago
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    Yolo: you only live once

    Swag (n):a certain type of swanky-ness

    Ratchet (n): a specific horrible kind of female

    Bait: likely to be caught e.g. "You're acting so bait."

    Statch: referencing statuary rape, meaning that something is not good. "This burger is [like] statch.

    Sick: cool

    Bare sick: very /cool/

    Kebabulous: good

    Also take time to search up "Polo Slang" it's an interesting study of slang within teenage audiences. Examples:

    Yangers: fishnet tights

    Tennis: surprising sexual situation

    Bamspatch: club thumb.

    Akumba: crib/house.

    Good luck!!

  • 7 years ago

    most abreviations, google teen sayings

    good luck!

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