Which Android tablet should I get? Which is the best?

I have decided to get Android tablet instead of the new iPad air, simply because the awesome apps that I like is exclusive to Android. I also like ios apps but my iPhone is good enough to handle those limited ios apps that I like.

Anyway, I'm all clueless about Android things since it will be my first time to get one. I had Blackberry playbook which I thought was Android (since it's not ios therefore I thought it was Android), but bbp somehow died, I think. Bbp didn't really blossomed.

Anyway, please suggest. Right now, I think nexus 7 2014 is the craze? Is it?

All I wanted is to buy the awesome apps from Google Play store, is all.

But I do have money to buy anything.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I was new to the world of tablets when I got one for christmas so at the tme, I had no idea that what I got as a gift and really had no interest in was one of the best and today I use it 24\7. It is a Samsung Galexy Tab 2 7.0. A friend of mine was recently in the market for a tablet after she saw what this tablet could do so together we decided to do some research. We knew she wanted a tablet but we unaware that the very same tablet I use would be the one that she would choose after our extensive reserch. The comparable Nexus had slighty better resolution and was a bit more expensive. However, every other feature of the samsung outshined not only the nexus but we also research almost every tablet out there. Samsung has mannaged to include all the bells and whistles at a very competitive price without compromiseing in the quality dept. The tablet comes with just about everything you could have on a tablet and with a daul core processor. Front and back camera and screen resolution of 1280 X800, Bluetooth, etc.... I also purchased a bluetooth keyboard case for this tablet and actually use it more than my laptop. Regardless of which size or model you go with, I would highly recomend Samsung. Note: we upload and download mass amounts of music and video. Through comsumer reports we found that samsung is listed at having the best internal music player and audio quality. I absolutely LOVE my Samsung.

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  • 7 years ago

    I think it depends if you also want a good tablet! I have the Samsung Tab 7 and it works great! I think the nexus is very expensive, and if you just want it for the apps, I cheap tablet could be your best option. Also, remember, look at Kindle as well, they have great apps, I should know I have one of them! :)

    Source(s): I have owned quite a few tablets and also researched!
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