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I cant access contacts when starting new email or forwarding?

When I click on a letter of my contact it does not bring up any to choose from. It used to but not any more

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    When starting a new email OR forwarding, you can access contacts in 2 ways:

    (1) ** From Email page: Click on "TO" -- you will see the box with Contacts; select the ones you need to send email; click on DONE; All those names are filled in TO column;

    ** When you type one or 2 letters of a Contact's name, you will see the auto-suggestions; you can select the contacts from those suggestions by clicking ENTER button on them.

    (2) From CONTACTS page: Open your Contacts folder; select the contacts you need to send email to; Select "EMAIL CONTACTS" in your right side. This procedure works only for composing a new message, doesn't work for FORWARDING.

    ** If this issue started recently (from past 2-3 days) and was working even in your All New Mail, it can be a Browser problem! Please change your browser and see whether it works! Please refer these Yahoo Help links regarding Browser issues:



    Hope one of these above suggestions help with your issue. Best Regards!

    ** If you need any clarifications, please EDIT your Question by clicking on PENCIL icon to include ADDITIONAL DETAILS.

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