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Who are some known Dames (female knights)?

I know Joan of Arc and that's it. But were there any other female knights?

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    Recently, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was a Dame, and actress Diana Rigg was given that title. They do not fight as medieval Knights did. The title is the lowest one of noble rank. Next are countess and baroness. Duchess is next to princess.

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    The title was one of social status, not of military rank. It was a title that would have been used to address the wife of a knight. today the title is sometimes conferred to outstanding women in politics or the arts(Margaret Thatcher was first made a dame, then a baroness). I am not sure if Burke's Peerage has an online listing, but if they do, that would be a good place to find them

    Despite modern movies showing women leading troops in medieval or historical times, this was very rare. Most of the time the women fought as common soldiers, and usually tried to hide their gender. There were some women pirate captains, but the fact is a fighting female noble would have been looked upon as unnatural, something to be loathed. Joan was able to cross dress as a male and carry weapons only because of the supernatural awe she generated. Significantly, while she did ride into battle, most of the time she was well protected and guarded by her men. And the fact she did wear "men's clothes" would be one of the charges laid on her, and used to prove her heresy.

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