DOOL... Should JJ just get Theresa to OD again?

Would that solve his problem or cause more?

What would you do in his situation?


@Zoril, semantics. I know he didn't FORCE her to OD the first time. But he could get her to do it again. Either by lacing her drugs with something or offering to mix her a drink or something. I don't know what the correct method of poisoning someone is, but rapists do it all the time... Couldn't he find a way to have her ingest too many drugs and make it look like she did it on her own?

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  • zoril
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    7 years ago
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    Actually he never got her to OD in the first place. She OD'D because she wanted to try a drug that would somehow enhance sex. JJ realized that something was wrong with Theresa and that is why he called Dan. Dan protected JJ by saying that he was the one who found her passed out. Dan saved Theresa's life.

    Apparently she pretended that she did not know what happened that night but she does remember and now she is trying to blackmail JJ by making him get her drugs.

    If I were JJ I would come clean and hope that the judge would understand.

    @Forever Engaged, JJ is a good kid deep down inside. Because if he weren't than he never would have called Daniel. He would have run away and left Theresa to die.

  • 7 years ago

    That question could be read both ways...Though I initially read it as Theresa OD again rather than JJ again gets her to OD--whatever, one the small problems with written only communication.

    JJ just isn't like that; his big time crimes are petty compared to spiking someones drink with possibility of killing that person. And I am not sure how it would help if does does git it right since she sent it to her friend and it is in the "cloud." I don't think he could hold it together in a crime against a person situation, he is too nice, stupid and young, but nice.

    I think I would undermine her in other ways, subtly; mess with her job, do something that makes her loose her apartment. If he can stay unreachable until his hearing he should be okay and won't she be implicated too in that video? He could just fess up the whole thing to the judge; that would be in his favor and she would get into trouble -- she is on the last of the last chances to stay out of jail.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    No we've already had one killing this year lol. If I were JJ and Theresa showed the video I would just say it was photoshopped or something. The video looked kind of dark. I couldn't see what was happening.

  • 7 years ago

    No JJ needs to just stay clear of Theresa. I wish he would wear a wire and get her to confess that he had nothing to do with her OD.

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  • MAK
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    7 years ago

    I know I wouldn't knuckle under to her demands, maybe wear a wire, bring someone along that she is not aware of and let them hear ....... those two her and Curly locks (Anne) need to be found out soon, those two make a pair.

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