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Garda cash services job?

I was wondering how the application process works to work for armoured transport as a guard, like which tests do you have to undergo. I live in Ontario, Canada

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    4 years ago

    Well my first suggestion would be the 1911, but like you said, you can't have that. I have a Glock 34 that I really love. I only use it as a target gun, since I have a 19C which is the compact 19 with the cuts in the slide... I think the point is to reduce weight. That's a much smaller and more concealable pistol. I'd also suggest that. The Beretta is one I like the feel of. The SIG Sauer is a good gun. I'd go for the P229 over the P226, just because it's a little smaller. The XDm is a nice one. 19+1 mag capacity in the 9mm verison. Has a trigger similar to the Glock. Adds a grip safety. My first choice would probably be the Glock. Either the 34(9mm), 19(9mm) or the 35(.40) or 23(.40). That 34 I have is definitely a match-grade gun.

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  • 6 years ago

    In the USA at Dunbar the process goes a little like this....

    Fill out written application at the branch (because most armored cash companies have never heard of the word technology)

    Interview with branch manager

    Conditional job offer

    Obtain Non-CDL permit


    Background verification

    15 min driving test in armored turd w/ branch manager

    Two day orientation:(Less of a training day and more of a this is how the company covers its rear day) (aka how they will through you under the bus even if its not your fault)

    Then you drive until you are hopper/guard certified... then the real fun starts.

    Honestly dude don't take the job. Armored Cash Logistic companies suck it big time.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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