Is there a society where there are fewer people of working age wanting to work than there are jobs?

In Toronto, there's an ongoing problem all the time where the number of people actively looking for work is less than the number of jobs there are. I'm wondering if there's any place in the world where there's an ongoing problem year after year going the other way, and employers are constantly struggling to hire as many people as they want to hire. It could happen for any number of reasons, such as an early retirement age, there being an unusually large number of jobs, or people who never had a job being able to get enough government benefits to buy their own house and have kids. If such a society does exist, can you not only tell me that it does but also link an article that describes one? Even better would be if you could link an article that not only describes a specific society that has a tendency that way but also discusses the effects of that society's economy such as lots of people looking for work being able to afford to be really picky and only accepting a job that's less than 500 meters from where they live, as well as discussing the reason some people in that society want to work being to get a higher salary than the guaranteed government wage that they only get if they have no job or their job hires few enough hours a week to pay less than that wage.

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    What you are seeing is Socialism at its finest. Give people just enough free food, money, etc just to get by and they will lay on their *** all day and no one will want to work. Some think this is helping people but the government just wants to ensure the voters rely upon them for their survival. Solution is stage 1 vote out the Socialist politicians. all of them even the ones we like. Stage 2 inform the people on the dole that able bodied they have 6 month's to find employment. Stage 3 those people that have not found employment after 6 months are assigned work cleaning parks,highways,etc for min wage. After 2 years those working in mandatory government jobs take a 10% pay decrease and every year after 10% more. This swift kick in the *** is a good motivator.

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