Any Free Tutors Online?

Hi, Im having trouble in a certain subject, in which I have a test tomorrow on, I know right? Really bad time to be asking but, Does anyone know a website where I can get help from a tutor? Not a website where I have to apply my credit card, or anything like that, just a normal website where I can ask a couple questions.

Ps. I already know about and but a tutor never comes on Thanks.

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  • Kuu
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    7 years ago
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    Have you heard of Khan Academy? It isn't an online tutoring site, per se, but they have lots of video tutorials about a variety of subjects ranging from AP Biology to Calculus. I don't use it, personally, but some of my friends do, usually with math and science, and they've found it to be useful. Plus, its free.

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    There are a lot of free online tuition but the problem is exactly as you say. They never on because they don't make money, so the service is poor.

    But I can help you with a better idea, if you wan't you can go this this page:

    There you can post pretty much any question or help you need and you'll have a range of tutors posting answers to help you, all with different exp and levels. That way you can get a kind of tution for free because they will give you proper and correct answers.

    Just register as a student first so that they know a student is asking.

    You'll get good answers because their the tutors are paid to do the work. :) Enjoy!

  • 7 years ago

    I'm not sure about websites, but I am willing to help (provided it's a subject I am familiar with)! I'm pretty good with math, English, and Spanish, so if it's any of those shoot me an email!

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