bayern fans are you embarrassed to be playing at the club world cup?

what a mickey mouse trophy that is, i was happy when chelsea lost the final because it meant we wouldn't have to face the embarrassment of winning it

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    7 years ago
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    Why would we be embarrassed we are the Kings of Europe and now we are about to be the Meisters of the WORLD!!! Bayern Munich uber Alles!!!

    Source(s): Meisters of Europe and soon the World. Mia San Mia Bayern Munich!!!
  • haha the embarrassment of winning it?? Do you mean the same embarrassment you felt when you go to the final of the club world cup in 2012 and LOST!!!

    There is no embarrassment in playing in a competition that features the best of each continent. According to many south american players like Claudio Pizzaro the trophy means alot in south america.!

    I for one will not be embarrassed because WE beat YOU to reach this tournament and YOU lost in the finals of this "Mickey Mouse Trophy"

  • 7 years ago

    Didnt Chelsea win the Europa league.

  • Chelsea is a mickey mouse club without Abramovich's million's they are nothing

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