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why do i get head aces every day?

every since i was younger i was always proned to head aces not bad ones but you could still notice them. now i get sever head aces everyday in the front of my head i have tried everything to try to fix it, nw diet, changed my sleeping pattern, stopped going on the computer for long periods of time, not wear my glasses, taken migraine pills (that used to work but now they don't) please help, i cant think, i cant sleep, i can barley eat. i just want the pain to go away. btw im 16

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    It might be because of dehydration or acidity in ur stomach. Drink a lot of water and of course u need to consult with a doctor.

    Sometimes it also happens because of too much sweating. So always stay aware. Stay in calm and quiet environment and drink a lot of water as I said earlier. Goodluck :)

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    It could be the environment but your best bet is to go to a doctor. I have frequent migraines so I know how hard they can be to live with. Avoid caffeine or sugar. If the pain is in front I'm guessing (I'm not a doctor) it might be sinus headaches, take Claritin, Zyrtec, or something like that. Otherwise I really recommend doctor. They say if a headache lasts longer than a week you should go... So

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    You might have sinusitus. Try putting a hot water bottle on your forehead for a couple min then at the back of ur head for couple minutes. Repeat till you feel okay. There are lot of nasal sprays available but my exp. says the best cure is to take a walk in fresh air for 5 min daily .

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