What are your thoughts on the black woman for showing her art project with 2 white men being lynched?





I do like it because it shows the reverse of what happened to many black people during slavery, after slavery, and during the Jim Crow era. Many of the people offended by this are white, and they want her fired for this. I don't believe she should be fired. People are calling this "reverse racism", but how so when the white students voluntarily offered to be a part of the project? They want to show how it would've looked like had white people been lynched. In the lynchings, many of the white people stood around, smiling, laughing and taking pictures while the black men, women and children were burned or beaten.

This is controversial, so what are your thoughts? Thanks!

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    Kiyanni, this is a really fantastic question. I’m shocked that people found this to be offensive. I also don't understand why people believe that she should be fired. The artist wasn't suggesting that white men should be lynched, neither was she focusing only on past issues alone. I believe that all her intention was simply to help whites to experience firsthand what it was like for black people to see their sons, fathers, boyfriends, husbands and others being lynched. Also, unknown to many people is the fact that black women were also lynched during slavery as well:


    What this artist did is exactly what art is supposed to do, which is to open the eyes of people in the society, pull back the illusions / smoke screen that those in prominent positions put up in order to hold on to power, discourage complacency and to convince the average person that there are dire problems and inequalities that need to be addressed immediately. It’s also a vehicle for discussion as well as to educate us. Art is SUPPOSED to make us uncomfortable with what is going on and push us to action. It's not just supposed to be nice pictures that we look at in our living room unless that is the artists' intention. Just like novels, books, plays, movies, etc. That's the reason why when countries invaded one another in the past, the first things they destroyed were libraries, works of art, etc. Why? It was to make sure that they take control of the people's minds so that they could replace consciousness and perception with unconsciousness, listlessness and acceptance.

    This was necessary because black issues aren’t being discussed in this society. Oh there will be movies or a few days talking when someone is shot or racially profiled. However there are people suffering at this very moment in the United States whose problems are being dismissed. And the funny thing is that when black people ask for a discussion to take place, whites get angry or offended and say that they are bringing up the past. No, not only are inequalities and abuses of black people taking place in the present, but they have roots in the past. And the reason that they are still going on is because we have yet to understand why they took place in the past and how to bring about an end to the system that encourages it…not just stopping random individuals. Let’s say that fire fighters heard that a building was on fire and it was spreading to other buildings. What if they ran to all the outer buildings and put out the other fires but left the main one and also didn’t search for why it began in the first place? Not only would the fire spread, it would also get worse. If you think about it carefully, it’s only black people who are forbidden to speak about the horrors that took place in the past. Every top movie that has the critics raving talks about World War II, the Holocaust, Vietnam, Korea, the early days of America (1800-1900’s), etc. We focus on these things so that we will learn from them and work together to prevent them from happening again. However when it comes to discussing slavery and the Jim Crow era, whites in America get very tight lipped. That’s the reason why there are still racial injustices today. Whites refuse to admit that what went on in the past was wrong and to work with black people to ensure that it never happens again. Notice that all those who took place in the Holocaust were thrown in jail or brought to justice. Even in recent years if a member of the Nazi regime is found living in America, he or she would be kicked out, imprisoned or have their citizenship revoked. Yet people who profited from and physically killed or abused black people as recently as the 1960’s and 1970’s are still walking around while their victims are still suffering from depression, post trauma, the injuries of torture, loss of businesses, etc. Many black people were framed and their businesses, churches, houses, and properties were burned. Then they were dragged from jail or where they lived and hung without a fair trial or even a defensible accusation by mobs.

    This needs to be discussed because all that happened is that the inequalities are taking different forms and blacks are still being killed (police shootings of innocents), imprisoned (framing of innocents which results in not being hired and destruction of families), stereotyped (imprisonment, death, destruction of children, low self esteem), impoverished (no funding for neighborhoods or jobs in our areas and if so, they go to whites from out of town), suffering through horrible schools in some areas due to lack of funding or bad teachers who don’t want to be there and high crime levels due to ineffective policing or no cops at all. Many whites don’t want to see this because they feel guilty. That’s why she did this, to shock them into discussing it. Notice that Germans, Italians and Japanese don’t complain when World War II is discussed. Notice that Germans also don’t complain when the Holocaust is focused on and the perpetrators are punished. Why are white Americans unable to discuss their mistakes and work to make things right? Discussing the past is required in order to make the future bright for all Americans. Black issues should be American issues because we were here at the founding of this nation and it was built upon our suffering.

    Absolutely fantastic question. The artist wasn't wrong for doing this, she was right. Schools are supposed to be a place for us to find out who we are, to learn from the past, to educate us on our society and government, to work on living together, to learn how to survive and live with others, etc. Schools are another place that has been weakened. The reason it bothers people is because they want it out of sight or controlled / weakened...just like protests currently are today. It's not reverse racism, because whites will not be lynched because of this, nor is that the message of this piece of artwork. It's funny that people don't have a problem with men and women standing around in the Modern Museum of Art naked but disagree with something that is trying to actually educate us and is attempting to bring our society together.

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    The art was brilliant to say the least regardless of the negative feedback or lack of public support for a number of reasons.

    1. At best the youngest generation is 6 generations removed from slavery.

    2. The youth knows nothing about their own history and appears to have no interest in learning it

    3. America is promoting this color blind society that doesn't exist. Only way to achieve that is to pretend it doesn't exist

    4. The n-word needs to be reconnected to visuals

    5. To hopefully fuel the anger in the masses so they can feel an inkling of the pain their ancestors inflicted upon the forefathers of slave descendants

    I probably would've advised the artist to use a make up artist to add blood, brutality etc... Believe it should've been unbearable and grotesque to look at to really hit home. An applaud you should go out the volunteers, that took some kahunas.

    Many movements began on college campuses and schools are ground zero for research and appreciation for higher thought. The piece speaks volumes.

  • Liz
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    6 years ago

    I find it funny how she's wrong for doing something like that. Yet we have people all over the world who constantly post stupid things and it's called art. I'm sure that if she posted anything talking about how whites were also mistreated she would be applauded. People talk about how black people always want to bring up the past, yet we have no problem talking about the holocaust. Black people were going trough segregation too and lynchings even after World War II.

    I don't see anything we ring with what she did. She should be allowed to express how she feels.

  • 6 years ago

    I think I got the message she's trying to get across, but there were some (although not many) white people back in the day who were lynched too. I don't think she should be fired and I'm not really offended, but I agree that this is not totally appropriate for a school project.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Omg, so many things are making me want to cry for humanity today. I think this was a great idea, but I clicked on one of your random links and someone in the comments said Blacks can't "forget" about lynching when none today were alive to see it!! Omfg, how do so many people have such a twisted concept of time? Black men were being lynched in the U.S up until the 1960s and not just in trees but Emmit Till's murder could be compared to lynching because it was the same thing just without a tree and that was 1955! There are millions of people alive today who were alive in 1955. My grandmother was 16 years old.

    But according to sensitive racist people that was all like 500 years ago and they don't want to be reminded of it. This project was good for that reason alone, people seem to have lost their ability to count and think of history in a realistic way. We need to remember stuff like this, not hold grudges, yeah, but remember it definitely.

  • 6 years ago

    The two white men were willing participants. The girl did nothing wrong. People will always make an issue out of anything if/when it's dealing with white and Black.

  • 6 years ago

    She didn't do this out of spite for white people, she did this to show how it would look. It was a message that shows how wrong it looks from both angles.

    Whites do not know what it feels like to see these types of things because it never happened to them. Blacks do.

    If a white girl did this and showed black men hanging, blacks would start complaining about why she did it and whites would think we are throwing the race card. Then try to show us she didn't do this out of spite.

    Well this is the same thing that is happening here.

    We can't ignore that there are graphic images of these things in history books and movies, so to make a issue about this is just dumb. Of course, the people of Fox News will see this and blow it up out of proportion.

  • 6 years ago

    This piece of art is irrelevant.

    Thousands of people of all races hung throughout history, and still do in countries that use that particular form of capital punishment.

    Eg: Singapore.

    If I saw this piece of art on face value, I would fail to see the irony until I read that the artist was black. On face value, there is nothing linking the art work to black oppression whatsoever, so apart from people already saturated in that concept, nobody would understand what this work is about. So to me, this artwork demonstrates they way that imperial Black-America attempts to monopolise on historic hanging, just as it does on racism, oppression and affirmative action. Kind of like the way imperial white-America attempts to enforce its rules of political correctness over countries that have absolutely nothing to do with Americas past.

    I would find this offensive if I saw it in a school. It should be in an art museum where I expect people to instal provocative and controversial stuff.

    Anyway, I don't care.

    The artist has her head stuck in the past.

    I find that there are more pressing issues in the present, so as I said, I find this installation irrelevant.

    She's about 50 years too late on this one.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    What a day when the tables are turned. It is funny how some people think it is in bad taste. Yet the media bombards us with far worse. I guess it is only ok when they show numerous pics of black stange fruit. Yup

  • 6 years ago

    I think that sort of art is better suited in museums, not school projects. She knew she would get this reaction which is why she did it. There are classier ways this message could have been portrayed. This was very bad form on her part. I don't care if she's fired or not.

  • 6 years ago

    In all honesty, I'm not too sure how to feel about this. I feel that it was done in bad taste and like Domenico and Qwerty said... not the best for a school project.

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