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I know I'm re-asking this, I am because last time I asked this I didn't get a singly useful answer, in fact one person told me to not buy a car and buy a bike as biking is "easier" and a car will apparently f*ck up my life. What they don't know is I drive 2 hours every other weekend to visit my parents in my home town, including in minus 30. Serious answers only please. I'm looking into upgrading from my truck into a luxury sedan, I'm just wondering if it would be a wise switch. I'm considering privately selling my 2008 Toyota Tacoma trd with 85000km and using whatever I get from that to buy a 2007 Cadillac sts 4 with 49000km. yes it's older but it has way less mileage plus its fully loaded. this is the Cadillac:

It's got all wheel drive plus a northstar v8. I've done tons of research on these, they seem to be pretty bullet proof and its about the same value as the truck. I know I could get more than the truck is worth privately, too. and an sts with awd and a v8 is surprisingly hard to find where I live. I'm also going to have to have it brought from Winnipeg Manitoba to Saskatoon Saskatchewan.


this is pretty much the truck only mine is red, doesn't have the cab on the back, and mine has a few personal additions that shouldn't affect the value:

additions are:

-xenon projection headlights

-led tail lights/upper brake light

-led turn signals (had to install resistors, had done professionally)

-xenon fog lights (had installed professionally)

-alpine deck (older but still good) with usb (unfortunately no auxiliary in)

-chrome/black wood dash kit (shouldn't affect value at all plus can be easily removed with a hairdryer and a little patience

-chrome door handles/bug deflector

-chrome running boards

-lockable rolling box cover

-lockable box handle

-BF Goodrich all terrain tires

-still have stock lights/radio/a second black bug deflector/a spare passenger side led tail light in storage

all of this stuff is pretty easy to remove with the exception of the stereo

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    Its a good car if you really want the luxury and/or you're considering the European sports sedans it competes against.

    That said? My 2004 Forester XT turbo is still faster than this car, also has full-time AWD security, and will likely cost much less to own & maintain. I lose most of that luxury, but I still beat you in a 1/4 mile race. Look up the numbers if you don't believe me (yes, my Forester really is that fast).

    It all depends on what's most important to you in a car. If you want the luxury and the STS is fast enough for your needs? Go for it! Don't let people like me try to convince you any different, as you're the one who's driving the car at the end of the day.

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    7 years ago

    I think your right on track with your thinking! Even though your Toyota is a solid reliable vehicle, you would save on gas with the Caddy along with most of all have a dream like ride.The Toyota will be easy to get a fair price for. The only negative I can think of against the caddy would be lack of ground clearance if you were to be driving in deeper snow. Assuming you would make sure roads were plowed, I would definitely travel in comfort seeing that you will be traveling over 2 hours every other weekend. I wish my parents were that close. Mine live 12 hours away, so I can relate to you getting the Cadillac

    Check out for general price evaluations and reviews if you haven't already done so.

    Source(s): Toyota FJ Cruiser owner
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