Is China a democracy?

Now as an anti-communist like myself, I don't characterize all communist countries as authoritarian. I think China is one of the only countries that is communist and democratic. I know that it's not a perfect democracy, but where on Earth can you actually find an ideal democracy?


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Update 2:

They're a democracy because they have free speech

Update 3:

They're a democracy because they have free speech

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    Modern China is definitely NOT Communist. There is a political machine which *calls* itself the Communist Party of China, but *real* Communists do not invite businessmen to join!

    The modern Chinese government is not easy to categorize in Western terms. Probably one should not try. Chinese people are not given to either-or thinking, but both-and thinking.

    Source(s): Sixteen years teaching English in China.
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    china is a democratic nation with communism system as their operating system.

    but to usa expert, communism could not co exist with democracy.

    only western ballot box system could have democracy.

    democracy is a value

    it does not matter what type of operating system been applied in the nation.

  • How do you figure it is a democracy? It is a one-party state where leaders are appointed through bureaucratic manoeuvrings.

    "They're a democracy because they have free speech "

    You are kidding right?

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    The terms "authoritarian" and "communism" are incompatible. Communism calls for the elimination of all classes and that includes the ruling class.

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