Will allah make my eyesight better ?

My eyesight is different in both of my eye's. My left eye is weaker than my right eye, i tested both of my eyes and they seem to be getting better. I'm only 13, i've been avoiding my iphone, laptop, tv, wii etc and I've been going outside for 90 minutes a day. I can see objects a bit more clear with my right eye, but my left eye is a bit blurry and for words I can't see them TOO BLURRY ! If i pray will allah make my eye sight better ? :)

(No, trolls or atheists please) oh and I have been researching LASIK.


Leo D Go away you troll. The ramadan section is for muslims.

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    Don't ever squint your eyes or you'll worsen your eyesight. I have same eyesight problems as yours, but I take much better care of it. I do eye muscular exercises everyday. You ought to try them. Go to YouTube and type in Convergence Eye Exercises. These help tone your eyes' muscles and enhance your eyesight.

    If you ever want to use tablets and laptop and even watch TV, you ought to try computer glasses, those with anti-reflective coatings. Computer glasses are designed for fatigued, sensitive eyes. I have a number of glasses, those for computers, others with UV400 protection.

    If you are buying glasses for yourself, make sure they are computer glasses or tinted sunglasses with UV400.


    This is the clear computer glasses that I often wear in public places, so that I don't look silly with dark glasses in winter months. You can wear them anywhere, around the house, under yellow-glaring light bulbs.

    Few days ago, I received pink computer glasses in the post. Originally, I wanted ORANGE, but pink was the nearest colour as to blocking out blue light from tablet. The glasses are not as pink as depicted in link below, but I am happy with it. I like it better than clear or yellow.


    Orange-tinted glasses are the BEST for light sensitive eyes, especially for those who watch TV, use tablets or laptop. They block out blue lights from bright screens. See this link below, an orange-tinted computer glasses. This one is very expensive but it is to give you an idea.


    Never mind pricey Prisma. This cheaper alternative suits you admirably well. Orange-tinted UV400 sunglasses are as good as computer glasses.


    Just a few hours ago, I got this pair of glasses for my eyesight. I had ordered it last week. In picture at Amazon, it looks all very orange on front of glasses, but when you put them on, it is not so orange - it is very dark gray. The front was only yellowy mirror-reflection but behind it is different. Originally, I wanted orange-tinted lenses instead of gray. But surprisingly, this glasses tones down the brightness of my iPad screen - I LIKE it. Tonight, I will watch TV late when I sit up late or use tablet in bed. When I can't sleep, I switch on tablet. This dark gray glasses will be great help for nighttime use. This will be my bedside glasses.


    BTW. I am not Muslim. Maybe God sent me here to answer your question. Fate always sends you answers in mysterious ways.

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    Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

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    This is a Misunderstanding of people that Qadr is the order(Amr) of Allah. Scholars say that Qadr is actually knowledge(ILm) of Allah form which he has written everything which is going to happen. For Example, Allah knew/knows what a person is going to be in his life and what path he is going to choose in life and because of it he/she will either enter Jannah or Jahannum, even before the creation of anything. This is Qadr(Fate). The situations/conditions we face in our Lives are from Allah which are either due to our Obedience(test, bounties, blessings) or disobedient(minor Adhab, Adhab-al-Adna, lots of worldly material like wealth etc). Allah has granted humans free will but it was/is in his knowledge who will obey and who will disobey and he has written and sealed it. Allah can Punish anyone for disobedience because he didn't force anyone to follow any path. We are performing all our actions based on our on decisions. Allah ordered believers to protect their gaze, if someone doesn't he/she will not get blind and if someone does follow his/her eyesight will not become strong and better. Allah Knows Best.

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    If glasses are worn continuously over time the poor vision will generally become worse. Essentially what glasses do is lock the eyes into their refractive state and in order to see through your lenses you have to maintain the poor vision that the lenses are designed to correct.

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    No, prayer won't cure your eyesight. Even the power of the mind can't change physical problems. Only glasses, contacts or a doctor can cure your eyesight.

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    Specific eye exercises can really help to improve your vision without surgery. I'm following this system http://www.goobypls.com/r/rd.asp?gid=413 and it's working well.

    It works like a charm.

    Good Bye

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    Yup! Surely Allah does according to what He wills. He gave you a blessing in a way. When you do dua for that that is you are doing dikhr which counts as a deed.

    May Allah bless you with good deeds. :)

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