Best blues rock tube amp for a budget?

I'm looking to get a decent tube amp to go with my strat the music I like to play is that of Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, SRV, Dire Staits etc. The problem is I have a budget of $450 or around that so what would be the best amp I could get for the music I like in or around the budget

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  • 7 years ago
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    Look for a used, all-tube, fender tweed reissue like the Blues Deluxe or the Blues DeVille. Neither of these amps are a "budget second choice" - they are flat-out great amps that are a great first choice regardless of budget. The Hot Rod DeVille is not the same amp. I can't speak personally about them. Some people seem to love them and others hate them. I think some models are a mix of solid-state and tubes, not my first choice for tone. If you can deal with the weight and cost of maintenance on an all-tube amp, it is absolutely the first choice for a nice warm tone.

    Different years and different speaker combinations are available, so do your homework. A 4x10 Blues DeVille with the blue stock speakers is a GREAT amp, especially with the right tubes and correct biasing by a good tech. (Many amps are "fixed bias" which simply means that you have to open the amp up and change a resistor to set the bias, but this is nothing a good tech can't do. The bias affects the overall warmth of the tone and loudness of the output; when set correctly, you get best output, and you can vary a bit from that ideal output setting to change the tone of the amp. )

    You can find a lot of info on the eurotubes site. I use JJ 6L6 power tubes in most of my tube amps.Nice warm sound!

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    4 years ago

    Best Budget Tube Amp

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