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How to potty pad train Chihuahuas?

I've read a few articles, not very helpful method. My Chihuahuas are Very small, not more than 6 lbs or less each. One is short hair one is long hair. I have health issue that makes it difficult to stay outside in the cold for very long. The snow piles up outside my door and there is no path for walking that they could even go on. They would sink in the snow and not be able to move...

ALl of that Is irrelevant though, since I am kindly asking as question here advice on how to train my dogs to potty on the pad. You are Wasting time by complaining that I use a pads.... You don't even know how to train your own dog yourself, if you have to complain that I am using potty pads... It looks like I have to get creative because all of you are blinded by your own frustrations, and insist on harassing me. I report your answers, but since you are all so stuck on the idea that potty pads are a product of satan, no one else reports and your answers remain, you don't get a violation.... It's ridiculous. Get a real hobby unlike SPAMMING and making other peoples lifes more difficult and stressful.!!

SO, Anyone actually want to offer some actual insite and assistance instead of wasting everyones time and advertising the need to vent your lack of knowledge....?


You know, I don't care about Christmas.. thanks all for the helpful advice however. I have had a dog in the past who successfully used pads all the time. I know it is possible to train them. When I adopted him he already knew to go potty on the pad. Just encouraging him to keep doing that helped.

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    Pad trained dogs are NOT going to consistently use the pad all the time. You train them that its ok to **** in the house, and they will use other surfaces that remind them of the pad, including rugs, carpeting, bedding, etc. Plus you constantly have the smell of urine in your home when you use pads... and to a dog, if it smells like a bathroom, it must be a bathroom. I fail to see why you bothered to get two dogs if you cannot properly care for them.

    Sorry but it is not rant, chat, or a violation to inform you that you simply can NOT fully train a dog to use a pee pad. Dogs urinate to relieve themselves and to mark territory. In the wild, dogs do not go in the den, but do urinate in various areas outside of the den. When you housebreak a dog, you teach it that the whole house is considered the "den", and outdoors is the area to pee and mark. Trying to train the dog to use a small area only to "go" is going against their nature and instincts.. dogs NEED the chance the sniff around, choose a spot and mark it.

    Even small dogs can go out in the cold to urinate.. I know people with HAIRLESS dogs that take them out to pee in the middle of winter.


    You had ONE dog that used pads.. guess what? That is NOT THE NORM! Its very RARE to get a dog that will consistently use the pads 100% of the time.

    Its much easier to train them to use the OUTDOORS than to train them to use a 2 ft square area.

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    Get a shovel and shovel the snow off a small area where the grass is showing. Put a coat/sweater on the dogs and take them outside every few hours.

    Using a puppy pad in the house (for whatever excuse you want to use) is a waste of time - it teaches the dog that you find it acceptable behavior to use the house as a bathroom. They will NOT stick to pads - they are not cats that go in just one place.

    You will more/less ruin the dog and have future training problems. Take the dogs outside where they pee/poop in a matter of mins - its NOT to cold for them. Stop making excuses. You will be back on here months from now complaining about the dogs peeing all over the house.

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  • 4 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    I Dont have to vent about my lack of knowledge. You're right... Most of us have no experience training our dogs to treat the house like a giant toilet. We kind of insist on doing the exact opposite.

    You can use potty pads all you want but each brand provides pretty standard training techniques on top of the fact that there are dozens of well written descriptive tutorials on how to do so. You do realize your dogs will still be going inside after the snow thaws right?

    It's ironic that you want to attack people because they have a lack of knowledge when in fact you have asked easily over 20 questions about your chis. I see you ask at least 1-2 questions everyday. So perhaps its you who is frustrated with yourself...?

    You're awfully upset at a website that you've needed every step of the way in your dog ownership endeavor

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  • 7 years ago

    You will have to check out training tips on Google. You sound much too angry for me! Mellow out an someone may want to help you, but threats don't win you any friends. Chill! It's Christmas!

    P.S. I trained both my Chis (4 lbs. And 5) to potty outside - snow and all.

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  • 7 years ago

    What I remember about training dogs to go inside was to put their mistakes on a piece of newspaper in the place you want them to go, show them the waste matter so they seem to understand, and when it appears they are looking for a place to "go" take them to their potty place. Repetitive actions seem to work best for dogs, and using calm language rather than yelling at them or punishing them seldom works. Kids and dogs, honey, about the same. I got my son to go on the newspaper quite early in his development, although he tended to pee allover....(kidding of course)

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