How to write/Sentence Skills College Accuplacer Question?

Hi, I am preparing to enroll in college and I'm reviewing the sample accuplacer test questions.

I'm trying to better understand the following question #13.

Directions: Rewrite the sentence in your head. Keep in mind that your new sentence should be well written and should have essentially the same meaning as the original sentence.

13. It is easy to carry solid objects without spilling them, but the same cannot be said of liquids.

Rewrite, beginning with

Unlike liquids,

A. it is easy to

B. we can easily

C. solid objects can easily be

D. solid objects are easy to be

To me I thought the answer would be B. "Unlike liquids, we can easily carry solid objects without spilling them."

Why is that incorrect?

The correct answer is C. "Unlike liquids, solid objects can easily be carried without spilling them?"

I assume it is simply because you wouldn't write Unlike liquids[comma] we?

Thank you in advance!

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    B is incorrect because it is a dangling participle. It says "Unlike liquids, WE can easily." This is comparing "WE" to liquids. The word that needs to come next is solids, because that is what you are comparing to liquids. I would point out, however, that the "correct" answer, C, contains a split infinitive. It should be "can be easily carried..." So, that answer is not completely correct, either.

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    Yes, I agree that C is correct. You need to qualify "unlike liquids", with "solid objects". It is not the "we" that is unlike liquids.


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