which gun should I buy?

naa 25 acp cal

38 armcor revolver

usfa 12/22lr rd revolver


for all the people crappin on the 25 cal. take a look at some youtube vids of a guy shooting it through a car door! might change your minds

lime say cuck-old?

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    7 years ago
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    I don't think any of those are good. Self defense would require a semi automatic. Revolvers are harder to reload. But if its for just personal use and you want something cheap, get the one that fires 22 lr ammo. 22 ammo is cheap and good for practice.

  • 7 years ago

    For what purpose?

    I don't see an NAA product in .25acp. Their Guardian is in .25naa, which is a bottle-necked .25 cartridge using the case head of a .32acp -- possibly a viable defensive cartridge but not nearly common enough for me to choose. Furthermore, it's 400 bucks.

    The problem with the Armscor is that I'm going to gravitate towards it due to its similarity to the Colt Detective Special, without the Colt quality. They're priced at around 250 on Gunbroker and nobody's buying them.

    And the USFA 12/22? Yeah, right. The other two guns are in the "relatively inexpensive" category. The 12/22's that I have seen, the CHEAPEST one is 1200 dollars. If you're going to spend THAT kind of money, why are you even bothering with the other two choices?

    Tell you what...just get the 12/22, since it's the most expensive and I see very little rhyme or reason to your choices. It would probably help immensely if you stated your intended purpose. Ever heard the term "the right tool for the right job?"

    For pocketable protection, the NAA is the selection out of the three. For inexpensive protection in a common, easy-to-acquire caliber, the Armscor 206 is the selection. For fun target shooting with a discontinued firearm, the USFA 12/22 is the selection.

    But other than that...how is this question even answerable?

  • 7 years ago

    For what?

    The .25 ACP is worthless as a target gun and for protection it is not a reliable man stopper and should only be used as a backup to a backup gun.

    I once considered a .38 Armscor, but read too many bad reviews. This is really the only caliber in you list that could be considered for protection.

    The USFA 12/22lr looks like a fun target range gun, but the only ones I have seen are about $1000. I don't think they make it anymore. All they sell is their "zip" model. If you can find a 12/22lr under a couple hundred might be worth it.

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    I can not recommend either.

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