Want to start an online country?

I want to start an online country (for educational purposes) which uses an online p2p currency, has a 3% voluntary sales tax (voluntary taxes have proven quite effective in countries which are satisfied with their governments). It's a Democratic Republic where citizens can introduce bills to their representatives as to where the tax money goes. If the representatives like the bills, they put them in a public forum which every citizen may vote on. There is a 6% annual demurage fee to encourage currency use. Representatives are ellected by the public. We'll offer a free online university to anyone wanting to attend.

There have been a few online countries (wirtland seems to be the most popular) but none of them seem to be focusing on the capabilities of the web. I wish to make the primary export of our country technologically driven and offer courses on hacking, database administration, people manipulation (which is an important part of hacking), programming, and language courses.

First, I would like to ask (as that is the Q&A format of this site) what would be the best way to go about this? What would you want to see in a virtual country?

and I would also like to say, if you have any ideas or suggestions: ki4jgt {at} gmail {.} come


@All hat, why steal. It's completely online.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Sure - who shall we steal it from?

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