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Why does Israel allow women into combat and not the U.S.?

They conscript men and WOMEN in Israel.

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    You are ill-informed on all of your points above. Specifically, how do you equate being drafted with being in combat?

    The United States does indeed allow women in combat - they have merely been excluded from SOME combat arms duties and roles. Within two years or so, all of those remaining restrictions will have been lifted. Regardless, women have been in the forefront of combat throughout our latest wars.

    As far as Israel, the IDF does NOT allow a blanket combat role for women. Just because women are subject to the draft, does not mean that they are allowed into combat roles. Israeli women are not allowed into any of the traditional combat arms, i.e.: Armor, Infantry, Artillery, combat Aviation.

    The US Army has allowed women into the Artillery (Pershing) in the 80s, and attack Aviation in the 90s.

    Currently, the US military allows women into more direct combat roles than the IDF. By 2016, they will be in the Infantry and Artillery. The IDF has no plans to do so now or in the future.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it ....

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    Women are allowed in combat in the US military. They cannot be in combat arms MOSes. There are PLENTY of women who have been in combat in the US military. In the Army, there are only 13 MOSes that women cannot enlist into.

    As for Israel, they are surrounded by their enemies. They need every able bodied person to serve. And once they are done with their active time, they remain in the active or inactive reserves to age 40.

    Source(s): US Army Veteran
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    Israel has a very small population, and the number of Jews is even smaller. They are greatly outnumbered by the surrounding countries. They need all the soldiers they can get. It's a matter of survival.

  • Mark F
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    The U.S. doesn't have conscription.

    There are many women in the U.S. military who are effectively in combat roles.

    The IDF excludes women from many combat jobs.

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    No later than Jan. 1, 2016, women will be able to apply to all military occupational specialties, and to all US Army units, across the total force.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Because Israel is surrounded by it's enemies. It needs everyone.

  • Steve
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    Since when are USA Females not allowed in combat ?

    I probably owe my life to one most excellent Female Apache gunner who was allowed to use a real gun and real ammo, Hell she was even allowed Hydras and hellfires too.

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    6 years ago

    Who cares what Israel does, it's a different country under threat of extinction.

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    Israel does not have 350,000,000 people. We do.

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    Different country, different rules !

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