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I'm scared of getting fired from Walmart?

I've been at Walmart for just over 3 weeks now and last week, I looked on my schedule and saw that I was scheduled in for Christmas Eve. However, I was crossed out and only managers are allowed to do that. So on Christmas Eve morning, I got a call from the human resources manager wondering where I was and that I was scheduled. I talked to him and told him I was crossed out, he went and saw that I was crossed out and told me that nobody approved it and there must have been some sort of mix up. The Human Resources manager also said that there was nobody in my department cause somebody else decided not to show up, and he asked me to come in, but I had family from another town at my house for Christmas. My department manager wasn't in that day but I'm scared that when I go back to work tomorrow I could be fired for this? Even though it is not my fault. Apparently a manager signature has to be right next to an edit on the schedule - nobody even told me this. I was hardly even trained properly and things like this were not clearly explained at all. Also, the cross through my name was on the plastic cover on the page, not on the page itself, which caused the confusion. Nobody knows who crossed it out yet, but I'm scared that I'll be fired for something I wouldn't have known anyhow.

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    Since only there 3 weeks and not "completely" informed of the procedures, hopefully they will keep you. Just apologize, and ask for a 2nd chance. But, with Christmas eve, the store would have been packed and busy, and even though family at your house, should have tried to work, even if for a few hours.

    But, now you do know the official procedures, so wont have an excuse.

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    Try to explain the whole confusement to a director or the human resources manager. I have a theory: if it was just on the plastic foil, and no signature, it might have been a prank by somebody. Do you have enemies in Walmart amongs the employees?

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    ummm... i see

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