Who answers the Christian prayers? God, or Jesus?

When Christians claim to get their answers from prayer, who did you pray to, and who answered it??

I do not get it...


But who do you pray to? And who answers, according to you? That does not make any sense.

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    First, I think we need to understand who Almighty God is. God is One. God is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. The very Holy God has always, eternally and physically lives in heaven, ruling His universe and creation.(EZE.1 & REV.4)

    .......In comparison, the earth is a very unholy place, filled with evil, corruption and pollution. The clean and holy do not mix with the unclean/dirty and unholy, like water(=the letter of the Law) cannot mix with oil(=the Spirit of God).

    Long long ago, rebellion had occurred in heaven when Lucifer desired to be like God.(EZE.28:17, ISA.14:12) Lucifer was one of God's 3 archangels. Lucifer and one-third of God's angels rebelled and they became Satan and demons(=fallen angels).

    Sin(=evil thoughts/desires and evil deeds) caused changes in heaven.

    God desired to create Man as replacements for these rebels. When Adam and Eve also fell(deceived by the serpent=Satan in disguise), a spiritual and physical separation occurred between holy heaven and unholy earth. All the sinners, ie Satan, demons and humans, were banished to earth. (REV.12:4-9)

    God remained in heaven as the Father. God's operative Spirit invisibly holds the earth in place(GEN.1:1-2). Sometimes God the Father would visit the unholy earth as the invisible Spirit or as the visible Son, in order to choose His messengers/prophets and His people.(HEB.1 & 2)

    .......Eg, God, thru His Spirit and His Son, ...chose Abraham and the Jews to be His people, ...then gave the Jews His laws thru Moses and ...lastly gave His Son to save the Jews and the rest of the world from hell.

    Humans can never see God the Father or enter heaven bc of their inborn sinfulness.(EXO.33:20, JOHN.1:18 & 5:37, 1JOHN.4:12)

    God's Spirit = the Spirit of God = the Holy Spirit.

    God's Son = the Son of God = the Angel of the Lord = Jesus the Christ/Messiah/Savior.

    The Holy Trinity means ...

    God the Father in heaven = God the Spirit and God the Son, on earth.

    The Spirit of God is like the invisible hands of God that make things happen on earth according to His will, eg answered prayers, miracles, signs and wonders, natural disasters, accidents, curses/sicknesses, etc.

    .......The Son of God was sent to earth, specifically, to save people from hell or give salvation/eternal life to those who believe in Jesus the Christ/Messiah/Savior.

    Jesus was not sent by God to teach people how to lead their earthly lives. That was taught by God(=the Spirit) thru Moses Law.

    .......Eg when a Jew becomes a Christian, he/she should continue to keep all of Moses Law or Jewish laws bc it is not burdensome. To require a new Gentile Christian to do the same would be too burdensome, eg it might cause him/her to lose faith.

    Hence, at ACTS.15:28-29, God only requires new GC to begin their Spirit'ual life as born-again spiritual babies(JOHN.3:5 & 1COR.3:1-3) to keep 4 simple laws of Moses.

    .......Thereafter, they should grow gradually and Spirit'ually by feeding on and digesting(=read and analyze-HEB.10:15) the laws/Word of God.(JOHN.6:63) This means that they should exempt themselves from any law of Moses that is burdensome, eg the law of circumcision, kosher food, Sabbath Friday, etc ...and they should keep any law of Moses that is not burdensome, esp the moral laws, eg EXO.20:1-17, DEUT.18:9-14, LEV.18:22 & 10:9, etc.

    About 2,000 years ago, God the Father had transformed Himself into human-form and came down to earth as Jesus of Nazareth for a very specific purpose, ie the ministry of salvation.(1TIM.3:16, JOHN.1:1 & 14, MATT.17:2, JOHN.3:16)

    .......The Son of God is the Lamb of God who was willingly sacrificed on the Cross, in order to give sinful or evil-hearted humans the opportunity to be saved from hell, ie to go to heaven to be with God when they die and leave this corrupted earth.

    At MATT.5:27-30, Jesus stated that any human who had harbored any immoral lust in his/her heart and mind, was already bound for hell = every human are bound for hell; ...and not just by committing adultery or fornication. The same goes for other evil thoughts, eg immoral hate, anger, jealousy/envy, greed, selfishness, baseless fears/doubts, etc.

    God the Father in heaven loves all of mankind on earth.(MATT.5:45, JOHN.3:16) He gives favor and answered prayers to good people(=shun evil-deeds and fear God) and frowns upon evildoers. Evildoers test God's patience and tolerance. Their unrepentance and stubbornness will cause God to curse/punish them, eg by allowing Satan/demons to torment them - story of JOB at 2:6.(DEUT.28:15, GAL.6:7, ROM.6:23)

    .......God especially dotes on those who are good people AND also believe in JC for their salvation bc they will be living with Him/God in heaven, eg apostle John, Paul and Peter.

    Hence, those good Christians who pray to God the Father who art in heaven(MATT.6:9), in the name of their Savior JC, will most likely hv their prayers answered by the Spirit, esp when their prayers are in line with God's will.



    Source(s): P S - Present-day Jews still believe that they could be saved from hell by keeping Moses Law or Jewish laws, ie just by shunning evil-deeds and fearing God. The Word of God in the New Testament says differently, ie only faith in Christ/Messiah could save people from hell or give salvation/eternal life(JOHN.3:16). Most good Jews will be blessed by God with a good and long life on earth but they will still end up in hell after they die and leave this earth, so too for other good non-believers. Evildoers will most probably be cursed by God with a sad and short life on earth. LUKE.23:43 was an example of a repentant criminal who died early for his crime and yet entered Paradise by placing his faith in Jesus Christ.
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    According to the Bible at Psalm 65:2, God is the "Hearer of prayer." But the Bible also shows there are reasons that God will NOT listen to prayers such as: when one prays to be viewed by men to be righteous (showing off, trying to appear "holier than thou")-Matt. 6:5 or when one prays a prayer of the same words (like the model prayer or the Hail Mary full of grace, etc.)-Matt. 6:7 or when praying for things NOT in harmony with God's will-James 4:3 or if you are doing wrong and think all you have to do is pray for forgiveness but you're not truly repentant which includes stop doing the badness and turn around from wicked ways-Prov. 28:9, Isaiah 55:6,7.

    Prayers that ARE heard by must be said in the name of his son, Jesus Christ-John14: 6, 14 but it must be in harmony with God's will (not things that are selfish, harmful, greedy, immoral, etc.)-1 John 5:14.

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    All prayer is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    All prayer is addressed to GOD the Father.

    All prayer is asked in Jesus name.

    Therefore the Father sees the merits of the Son.

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    I prayed to God

    Father, Son and Holy Spirit the 3 are 1 God.

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    You are right it does not make sense. God is our creator. He created all the universe and what is in it, including Jesus the prophet.Jesus is a human being so he cannot be the Creator. And God is not a human being and He is not the father of Jesus. How can Jesus be the God, His son and the Holy Spirit at the same time ? If Jesus was God how come he was mistreated by the jews ? It does not make sense. GOD is beyond all what you could think of in terms of superiority so how can we humans put the Almighty in the level of humans ? I suggest to you that you look for the truth by looking into all religions and you will discover the right path as GOD will guide you if you are sincere in your search.

    as to whom you firect your prayers, pray to God directly as He does not need an intermediate. He is everywhere.

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    God the Father answers when prayers are asked in the Name of Jesus.

    Jesus promised that our prayers would be answered when asked in HIS Name. See John chapter 14.

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    John 14:13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

    According to the above verse we ask God in the name of Jesus his son who then answers our prayers.

    From this I gather that God will answer our prayers if we believe in his son in whom he has given authority over all things whether in heaven or on earth, for all things were created by him and for him

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    God had been dealing with me on this particular issue lately. Jesus told us to pray to the Father in his name. Each person of the trinity has their own function and role. I think we often mix it up. The Holy Spirit has his role, Jesus has his role, and the Father has his own unique role. When we plainly read scripture, we can learn about each one, what they do, and what their relationship is to fallen mankind.

    I think God is willing to work with us in our ignorance, but it is even better when we can come to know him and his nature as he really is.

    There is an awesome set of books by a theologian named Thomas Oden. It is a three volume set which discusses the three members of the trinity. He does a fantastic scholarly job on this. I only have the 'Life in the Spirit' volume, but I would have to imagine the other two volumes are just as good ('Word of Life', and 'Living God'). He goes over every characteristic in fine detail, and uses all kinds of references. I highly recommend it.

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    You pray to the Father through Jesus,for he said,no man comes to the Father apart from me. Jesus and God are one,the Father answers.

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    Christ prayed to God. We pray to our Father, Jesus is the incteressor or go between to God. The HOly Spirit speaks to God the Father for us because He lives with in our heart and then speaks to our heart.

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    Christians direct their prayers to God it doesn't matter to Whom they direct them towards whether it be the Father, the Son (Jesus), or the Holy Spirit being that they are one and the same God.

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