Vancouver for gay people?

I'd like live in Vancouver and I heard Canadá is pretty cool for gay people... I'm from Colombia and it's so hard live here

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  • 7 years ago
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    canada is generally pretty gay-friendly. it's a liberal "live and let live" attitude.

    vancouver is an insanely expensive city to live in. i find the women's community here annoying: very much in to politicallly-correct downward mobility, no cred unless you're a starving artist, that sort of idea.

    how were you planning to come to canada? if you want to immigrate you need to show that you can make a positive contribution to canada, then wait your turn.

    if you're a bona fide refugee, come and make your claim.

    if you plan to come here and work the system, kindly **** off.

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  • 7 years ago

    If I may, I may be able to answer some of the enquiries..

    First off, I am a long time married crossdresser living in a Vancouver suburb. There is indeed a huge gay community in and around Vancouver

    But Vancouver is an EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE city to try and live in..It's rated as one of the most expensive cities in the world..

    Employment here isn't all that joyous either.. The crime element is and has been on the rise here for a few years, and although picturesque, that doesn't put money in your pocket and there are a lot of homeless people in the downtown "core"..

    The long time residents who sing the praises of this city, have not lived elsewhere, so they are not aware what lies within other cities...

    Again, IT'S EXPENSIVE here...!!!

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    it is very cool or gay people

    most of Canada is very gay friendly

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    It probably is.

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