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Display problems from my computer to my TV?

I got a new computer, so my old one was hooked up to the same 46" display (Sony Bravia KDL 46EX500) and it was working fine, it was connected via the oldest connection (DVI I think) but now my computer is connected via HDMI. Now there are black bars on the bottom, top, left and right, making the image smaller than it should be. How can I completely fix this problem? I tried adjusting the resolution under the settings in control panel on the computer, as well as the TV settings, any suggestions or answers would be appreciated thanks

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    Resolution would be your answer, if you have not fixed it already. Black bars also mean that your TV does not support the resolution on your computer.

    Based on my experience, a VGA / DVI port allows me to fit the image on the TV perfectly, whereas HDMI will cause either the image to be too small (black bars) or too big (..there's a bigger imaginary screen surrounding the TV)

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