they had it lil political crap thrown in too................if u wernt knowing then u just werent known...throw all yur cds out the window became the roses rule the waves!

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1st line 1st song..i dont need to sell my soul..................


i dnt care what colours he wore i dnt care what team he played for but for me denis law is the best natural scottish striker iv watched on video..

he seems a bit aloof to us that never seen him play back then through.

Update 2:

*** that T they all listen to acdc up there n drive aroon in motors from thing that came out the north was runrig lol

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  • T
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    6 years ago
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    ach away fluxy ,the vatersay bhoys or jimmy shand better than that tosh ,get yourself up the west coast for a real party

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    5.41 sec from theres quality

    nah runrig were/are crap .got to big headed

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  • Sam
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    6 years ago

    Top class T, proper party music

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