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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 7 years ago

how long till the westerners (britons) stop with the nazi propaganda vs bulgarians and romanians?

Apparantly the Britons and their grandchildren from America won't stop...this is yet another quote from New York Times:

"The wealthiest one-fifth of society in Bulgaria and Romania have a lower median income than the poorest one-fifth of society in Britain, France, Germany or other wealthy European states"

Most of things written of Bulgaria are indeed true, it's poor, full of corruption and people are overall poor. But the above statement is absurd. The richest romanian for example Ion Tiriac has one billion these nazis really believe that all western europeans have more than one billion euros?

Yet another piece from NYT:

"A common joke here goes like this: “There are two ways out of Bulgaria’s problems: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, referring to the two terminals at Sofia’s airport. "

sorry this is not a common joke in bulgaria, never heard it and it's not even funny...

Apparently the best solution is somehow north korea, iran and china to find solution of the western nazi problem because another true thing is that bulgaria and romania alone cannot.


@Nazi is short of "nationalist" while it's true that in historical context the word is usually used to mean member of the nazi german party. And please tell me how are the british/americans taking care of us when they bombed us during ww2? Or as the polls in bulgaria suggest that less than 3000 bulgarians will immigrate to western europe out of 7.2 million population - this is less than 0.000...1% of the total population? I don't care about the west "taking care of us" the problem here is them destroying the international reputation of bulgaria (despite the fact the country already had bad international reputation). But they do it through cheap propaganda - because the west are masters of propaganda, and we all know it.

Update 2:

@Edgar: As far as i know the NYT is considered serious media unlike the british dailymail or even the american "fox news"(which may have some right bias...). But all the media report similar things not just NYT. One British article from respected british media was titled: "Greedy Bulgars are coming".

Update 3:

@Yordan: Exactly. UKIP know that if they say something against the muslims, the muslims will bomb their headquarters 2 days later. But as bulgarians are notorious pessimists and never care what someone says farage is quite confident in his propaganda. As to bulgaria: it seems to me that the country' greatest problem currently is the lack of alternative - that's why people there are protesting for whole year without result. If bulgaria had real leader and not some pseudo-messiahs the country will find the right way finally.

Update 4:

@Matthew: You are misreading my words. Of course UK should be for Britons. And England for English, etc. The problem is the exaggerated polls that 29 million bulgarians and romanians will arive while they will not. It's just 2 days till the "dredfull date" 1st January that will make it possible for us to go there. Do you see any signs of such thing happening? Such as...bulgarians asking about this like crazy in internet forums...or bulgarian politicians preparing "cheap tickets" for us to travel easily? Exactly. Most people won't immigrate or will pick Germany, Spain etc - the British mood is created by UKIP and Farage for whom it's easier to get 1 million euros salary per year for his "credible statistics" rather than working hard in the London City, which was his previous job. As i said, the greatest problem is that British media portrays bulgaria even worse than it is to the world. Prior to this Bulgaria was considered "poor country wi

Update 5:

@Kim: Germany was never as poor as bulgaria so it was far easier for them to fix everything. The same applies and to Japan. Besides no one in this question is asking for western fixation to the country. The question was against foreign propaganda and not about asking for foreign donations, nor for someone from the west to fix the country, you kind of misread it.

Update 6:


You are welcome.

And please stop with all this "Russia did that or that" - most people in bulgaria and i guess romania today don't care about russia. We view Russians as nothing else but close neighbors, that's all.

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    7 years ago
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    Why is this so important to you? I mean, you do know that the New York Times is nothing but a rag written by stupid people who believe they are important when nothing could be further from the truth, right? I certainly hope so!

  • Kim
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    7 years ago

    I have been to Bulgaria and there is not a lot to do except on the sad little resorts on the Black Sea in the summer only.

    Pleven is one of the most beautiful cities I have seen! I didn't find many Muslims :) and I was glad. Bulgaria has a long way to go to escape the Iron Curtain rule of the old USSR. Russian control has helped keep Bulgaria in a time warp back to the mid 1900's. Bulgaria is not well advertised or tourism promoted since they haven't thought out how best to showcase their assets.

    I suppose I can see why they would wish to leave, but they need to get educated, updated and brought out of post war Europe. Not easy to get internet or cell phone use, everywhere. Furniture and accommodations are not current, decorative and appealing in their few hotels.

    Nick, be fair -- US occupied Japan. Of course they fixed things. US didn't occupy Bulgaria. UK never occupied Bulgaria.

    It is not the job of the UK or US to recover the losses of war torn lands behind the Iron Curtain of the USSR. Russia is the one who should be held responsible. Russia blew it big time and English speaking developed nations did N-O-T have access to fixing Bulgaria. We couldn't go there and see. I guess you forget that. W-h-o fixed East Berlin after the wall came down? Germans, that's who.

    Nick, m-o-s-t people think Nazi Germans when you use the word Nazi. So pick a better description of the NY Times you have a case against. I don't wish to incorporate a newspaper in my reply since I don't read it. I choose to surf the net for my news for objective views.

    Nick, US occupied Japan. They didn't all try to exit there to come to the US to be fed, clothed, given jobs and make them happy. US worked to make their lives good in Japan as needed. The only ones who can help Bulgaria are Bulgarians. Problem is UK can't withstand so many immigrants and the EU really doesn't want them either. Once in the EU, they get to pick a country to usurp public funding.

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    7 years ago

    Nick. FFS. People dont want bulgarians and romanians now having the right to come here as well as the strain put on everywthing in our country in terms of jobs, not enough housing, a stretched healthcare system which used to be the best in the world, cultural clashes and many other things is already too much from the already millions who have come here due to these absurd freedom of movement laws, plus all of the non EU immigrants which along with millions of asians and africans has included bulgarians and romanians albeit in lesser numbers that what we'll now get.

    Do you even realise how small the UK is? It is very similar in size to bulgaria yet has 63 million more people. 63 million nick. You know thats ridiculous so how on earth is even one more not highly skilled in a job on our job shortages list immigrant, with bulgarians and romanians being the next justifiable?

    Its quite ironic you should mention facism as our country was just about the only country in europe who made a good fist of fighting it and defending our boerders against it. We had millions killed protecting our borders yet 60 years later they are just opened for what are frankly 'legal invasions' as 10 million people coming here in 10 years is practically an invasion with more to come. Im not saying the peope coming are facists at all, just that we fought to defend our borders and sovereignity just for the eu to thrust them open which will result in a ruined way of life and standard of living eventually.

    You use big phrases and words with a lot of syllables yet you dont listen to obvious facts or just choose to ignore them. Wise up for Gods sake and think how youd like it if 10 million people with no interest in your nation other than its economic strength compared to their own nation just turned up at the doors of your small nation in a short decade and then imagine your frustration when people make out you are some sorts of racists or intolerant for saying enough is enough as its ridiculous and unsustainable. You say you are a proud bulgarian nick, we are allowed to have national pride and look after our nation to. It seems you want bulgaria for bulgarians just like indians want india for indians yet you all want the uk for everyone. What about us for goodness sake.

  • 7 years ago

    You fail to comprehend the Nazi mindset and are using it incorrectly. Nazis hated JEWS. Bulgarians and Romanians are probably NOT Jewish.

    I suggest you find a different hate group to exercise your rant supporting a lame comparison that does not correspond.

    Obviously you would verbally attack anyone who stands in the way of Bulgarian and Romanian self exiled groups demanding to be taken care of by developed nations in the West since you feel they are entitled for some odd reason.

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