Account privileges in windows 8?

Can I set account privileges for a standard account such that

a) They can't install new software

b) they are able to fully use the installed software (such as games, fraps) without needing my admin password every time..

If so how?

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  • Ben
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    6 years ago
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    Not exactly. The problem is that there's no difference to the computer between running an installer or running any other executable. A standard account means they can't modify system files. This means that they can't run most installers (which register themselves with the operating system, so they show up in Add/Remove programs) and that they can run most already installed programs (which typically don't need to mess with system settings). If an "installed" program like FRAPS needs to touch the system settings, it needs admin permissions. If you have a program that can be run right out of its folder, without needing a separate installer, there's no way to stop them from running it.

    Now, you can use something like parental controls (and those are built in to Windows 8) to stop them from running unapproved software, but that doesn't solve your entire problem because they still can't run stuff like FRAPS without administrator permissions, and putting parental controls on an administrator account is utterly useless- the other person can just turn them off.

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