If you were a Sword.....?

What would you be made of?

Who would be your maker?

Who would be your enemy?

And also, if you have the want to answer: briefly describe the hero that you choose to grant your power to.

I ask this to get inspiration for my writings, all help is appreciated.

May your arm be swift and your honor not brief!

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    7 years ago
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    My sword would be made of Damascus steel. The hilt would have sharp points curving off each side like the knife on the cover of Graceling and it would be imbedded with the hold decorations. It's name would Itopatris (because it sounds cool :P). The hero who would bear it would have long golden blonde hair, high cheek bones, white teeth and a pretty smile. She would be strong and smart and an average height. Her name would be Kara Averie Reme and she would be graceful and swift and have the ability to kill easily (not that she would unless needed) Forges in the middle of nowhere would make it and the enemy would be the invisible society that I call the Saving Grace Resistance would be the enemy.

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  • 7 years ago

    The sword would either be made by Elves and glow at the approximation of Orcs or be made of Valerian steel and have ripples of color up and down the blade able to cut through mail, ring steel, leather, bone and flesh. Read either Tolkien or The Game of Thrones.

  • 7 years ago

    What would you be made of? Imperial Gold ( from The Heroes of Olympus )

    Who would be your maker? Daedalus (The person who invented the awesome stuff )

    Who would be your enemy? Luke Castellan

    I would want my hero to be Percy Jackson

  • 7 years ago

    Steel tempered by bolts of lightning (just cause it sounds cool)

    Maker? ME, who else :P

    Enemy? Every marshmallow in the world will fear my name.

    Watch out. I'm coming.

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  • Lynn
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    7 years ago


    Like that.

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