Windows 8 recovery PC needs to be repaired blue screen problem?

My new dell Inspiron 15 r that I just got a few weeks ago came up with a blue screen saying -


Your PC needs to be repaired

Some devices are inaccessible (or something along those lines) and gives me a few options to startup but they don't work. I can hit esc to give me more options on eufl or something but i don't think that is going to help. This happened when I tried to reset my laptop but it said it was unable to and shutdown. When it started up it gave me a few options so I hit recovery and reset and hit the restore option since there was a few bad programs I got I decided it was best to start from scratch. It said initialing restore and then got to restore. It said restore in progress for about 20 mins and the status bar was at 0% so I panicked and held the power button to hard shutoff. When I tried to start it up again that blue screen I mentioned at the start was there. please help !!!!! I need this to get fixed ASAP

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  • 7 years ago
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    You need to restore your PC

    To restore your PC please remove your laptop's battery and then connect the charger and then press the power buuton. When the Windows logo appears immediately disconnect the charger and then again repeat this process 2-3 times and then start you PC and then the automatic repair will start and after few minutes you will see two options 'Restore' and 'Cancel' click on 'Restore' and after few munutes your PC will be restored.

    Best of Luck…

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