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Are clever/witty kids born or raised?

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    Raised and born.... You can raise a clever child by letting them read from a young age, teaching them the alphabet and to count when they are really really young like 2 or 3 years old maybe even 1? And for witty and outgoing it really just depends they can be born that way because each child is born unique, but i think a child can be raised to be witty and funny depending on the relationship you have with them, the shows they watch on tv and of course their friends.

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    `Wit`, in in truth I believe, a safe amusing, cathartic,

    `cocking-a-snoot`, kindly or otherwise, at matters ~ the status quo, etc.,

    and that is often the socially-acceptable expression

    of disappointments & pain.

    Think of the brilliant Dorothy Parker, Oscar Wilde.

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    Intelligence may (MAY) have a certain genetic predisposition, but upbringing is almost the exclusive cause for cleverness.

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    There's reason to think they're born. But environment has its effect, too.

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    Probably more ENVIRONMENT. Parents can't take credit for everything! It's our environment (EVERYTHING around us) that impacts who we are--both in and out of our households.

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